Who is Airwing

Im Chriss, 32 years old now, from Norway :smiley: Started playing IC back in 2003 ish. A fam called the pimps in MW was my first fam.a player called ASPY was the leader, fellow fam members as Syeknom, TheBurningFields, Izmer and decimus tought me the game. in my second round , there was another new player who randomed with us called Anekili. I’w been playing on and off ever since.

My prefered role as always been custom attack, i tend to go inactive in any other role.

There is fams and periods i remember better than others but here is some of what i can recall:

In my early days i also remember playing some memorable rounds with Hardcore4eva and and a PAX called Luv .

Later i came together with playboypenguin and played along with Kagar, dimple biohazard, magni +++ for along time. Me and Kagar worked well together and became attacking partners for along time after. I tried making him come back to IC afew years ago right before they killed the chat function in Hotmail, but seems he was to busy with kids and waterpolo :stuck_out_tongue: i will never forget Kagar calling me in the middle of the night to wake me up for war, as i had a habit of sleeping through the alarm or when i went offline with with fam bank. :stuck_out_tongue:

Than later during a round back with PP there was a n00b in triangulum called Joe aka Orbit who was a small attacker in a small unorganized fam, he was a pain in the ass, retook everything so we drafted him the follwing round, and i played alot of rounds with him later.

Than there was the Lee period, i dont know when this was, but i played along time with Lee in diffrent fams and galaxies.

later I played sporadicly in different established crew’s, mostly as a “hired gun” for the round, as i never lasted more than 1-2 rounds before i needed a break or went inactve. Now days i have a few key players i prefere to play with, players like Remo, Orion, Ceadmon, Lohan …


I hate you! We played together in PIMPS! :sob:

lol, we did? i guess you were unmemorable? :stuck_out_tongue: serously?

brrr I still get shivers when i think of PP :wink:

I have the same with dpenguins or it could just be dp by itself! :rofl:

Who is Fagwing?

i demand space in your bio

i already jknw who airwing is a, n00b

n1 intro Airwing! :+1:

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