Who here remembers snoggits?

Ragnarokkr[43]> snoggits, may we kill the millboy?
Ragnarokkr[43]> he’s a heretic
Strong[43]> yes snoggits, please?
snoggits> no remove a leg instead
Strong[43]> a leg!

What a legend


I do, of course!!!

I made a snoggits revival fam, not so long ago:

10 The Snoggits revival fam! (6286)

Snoggits, wardancer, got some company from MenisfromVenisdom, a Quantam that has a somewhat frazzled look by now. Snoggits has a very solid core and has reached out tentatively to expanding. The coordination with his quantam seems to take off, but he’s going to have to shift gears if he still wants to hold up Snoggits banner above his fam number next week. Pretender.

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