Where oh where is Pie?

Our galactic overlord went to an Action Bronson concert and has not been heard from since online here. Which mean that Infinitum is living up to its name – outlasting its Sunday expiration date.

What’s you best guess to explain Pie’s disappearance?

Became a groupie of Action Bronson and is on the tour bus with no cell signal?

Abducted into a cult and relinquished all hold that technology had on him?

In a grimy city jail after a bit too much Irish Whiskey on St. Patrick’s Day?


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Dun Dun Dunnn

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this is concerning…

last seen 46 minutes ago, all is well

I’m still here :slight_smile: just swamped with work atm. :grimacing:

Maybe this too. :wink:

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Boo! What a boring excuse!