Where did you go (yes its kinda spam)

are my old pee stoner buddy llama or buddys still knocking around, been 10 years i reckon, i know you can feel my presence, come back, im back


Returning player? Maybe they are hiding in the tall grass…if you wonder through they may jump out at you and give you a chance to catch them…:joy::joy:

I recently returned after a 10 year hiatus too, maybe there is a calling and all us old players will return too…



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something sounds familiar about the name kratom :stuck_out_tongue: just unsure why :smiley:

Recently came back myself after a very long retirement in the void drinking nothing but Spice Rum. Not the only Tortuga Nebula Thug or Harkonnen to reappear through the wormhole either,

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So your in tortuga @Terror_of_the_Night :crazy_face::crazy_face: wheres that econ maniac enterprise these days

Enterprise returned briefly and played much of MW65 as my family’s banker (yet again). At the moment, he’s off somewhere in a drunken stupor awaiting a bright quasar flash to draw his eye once again.

Ahhh he’s entered the deep drunken dungeons of tortuga!!

haha shumi, i remember the name, pinwheel 7+?

yeah i started in 04 (deleted alot it seems but must have been tactical). i dont remember names but a big old group of people, is the IC wiki still around?

@Kratom The old Wiki still exists but is read-only now after spamming attacks on it. There was a new one being created that copied a bunch of the original, however, that is on ice now as an IC Wiki is being built directly into the forums on here. First posts to it went live his past week.


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no idea what round it was tbh :smiley: long time ago anyways :wink: