What's your favorite late night TV show?

And why?

My favorite would have to be between Family Guy and Futurama. I was always a family Guy kinda Guy, I just don’t know why…and Futurama cause growing up on adult swim Late night it would always be on.


Yeah those are great if you’re doing nothing, Game of Thrones is pretty cool can’t wait for next year, thinking of watching The Sopranos again too. The new SJW Star Trek and Lost in Space are pretty good lol, I don’t mind if they both have second seasons.

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I have trouble watching Family Guy, all those stupid flashback that make no sense.

South park is the best, seeing the reference they made in the episode from last week about ManBearBig, most people will miss the intent of Scot&Trey Parker, with MBP they are referring to Mabus, MBS.

Lethal Weapon
God friended me
A discovery of witches
Seal Team
The Brave
The Big Bang Theory
FBI (new show, epic)
Last week tonight with John Oliver
Hawaii 5-0
Mayans (new show, epic)
BBC Civilisation (1969) A personal view by Kenneth Clark
Who is America, from Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat/Bruno/Ali G

and the best show ever, Banshee, no not the dog, criminal gets released from prison and becomes the sheriff of a small town and he brings his old crew in. You can’t make that up, graphic action. Just google, banshee best fight.


I use HULU for all my shows, @Sol_Invictus loll. I’ve watched FBI it’s really good Idk though I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite FBI show. Manifest needs some help, but also not bad. Lethal weapon is super funny. All the others are ehhh.

BBT is comedy gold.

@PW_Forever I wasn’t never a GoT person. It always felt overrated…

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I tried… hard to get into FBI, I just couldn’t manage another show.

Manifest started off strong, I hope it doesn’t go down thendrsin.

Do you also watch New Amsterdam? I’ve been enjoying that one.

You watch Hawaii 5-0, did you watch Magnum PI? They have thrown in a lot of 5-0 side people.

God friended me started off strong, went a little weird, and placed itself back on the strong hold.

Also, hate to say it… seal team beat out the brave, causing it to get cancelled.

911 is also pretty decent.

New Amsterdam is life

Middle enjoyment. I liked code black and when it was cancelled new Amsterdam was advertised

Game of Thrones
Man in the High Castle
Jack Ryan
Peaky Blinders

I watched first couple minutes of New Amsterdam, couldn’t interest me
That first episode of FBI, when the young kid runs into the building and a sec later the building is blown to smithereens…I was hooked lol. SWAT isn’t to bad either, with the dude from criminal minds.
Medal of Honor I still need to check out.

Magnum PI is on my to watch list, got a bunch of other shows too, like
The Gifted
Lost in Space
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan
Everything Sucks
Five came back
Martial Universe, looked cool, but is Chinese or something, I need to be john blazed if I watch that

I gave up on shows like Arrow and The Flash, they keep dragging it on with plot twists and changes making it into a show that never will get an ending.

The gifted is a waste to me…idk Marvel shows don’t do it for me…I’m more into DC shows. I think the DC Arrowverse is unparalleled when it comes to comics on the small screen and or the big screen. The connectivity the crossovers, etc…but yes they do get dragged on.

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Agreed, for pure story line it’s DC all the way, the clean up with the New 52 story arc is great as well. DC > Marvel, it’s a shame they can’t get a good movie out, although the last few haven’t been too bad imo.

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I can’t wait for Aquaman, Shazam, and wonder woman. Those are gonna be great movies…

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I want a Green Lantern movie done right lol, if it has to be SJW then just go with John Stewart’s story, I want to see Green Lantern Corp. vs Sinestro Corp. They need to redeem Hal Jordan though lmao, :yum: Also maybe a cameo in it by Carter Hall and Sheira Saunders leading to a Hawkman movie with the back story for “Nth Metal”… :heart_eyes: Then Court of the Owls story arc… :star_struck:

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Yo! That would be so lit!

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For real lol, DC > Marvel. :hugs:

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All day every day

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I dunno, Luke Cage is pretty awesome. But as much as I enjoy The Flash, I agree, they keep dragging out single story lines.

I like BBT, Futurama, South Park and… don’t hate me but when I found Family Matters on Hulu I’ve been watching that. I mean, it IS a rare condition in this day and age to read any good news on the newspaper page. Ha ha ha snort!

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@audiodef I miss shows like family matters

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I grew up watching Cosby, Family Ties, Different World. Now I’m catching up on things I didn’t watch back then, like WKRP. Good times.


Bros, bros, bros, Hogans Heroes :joy: @kingray12 @audiodef

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