What's the point? That is a question

Why do you play? Or why would you play if you did (assume ideal situation )

  • Play to win
  • Play to better myself
  • Play to have fun
  • Play with friends

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Feel free to put other thoughts in comments

I’ve always played this game to have fun…others feel winning is more important…but this game is so much more.

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I agree, I find that this game is at it’s best when you play with a fun set of people and just play for the fun of it

40 players in the gal

One family will win

One person gets #1 size

One person gets #1 NW

You either have a lot of disappointed people round after round, or you play for fun.

The round might start for everyone as a I wanna win, but it slowly evolves to the joy of the people.

I wouldn’t even say it’s the joy of the game, ive played and chatted and forgot to even login for hours… It’s the people, it’s always been the people. The people here are awesome.

Hell, you can even hate on someone one round, and be their friend the next. Only sour people hold grudges round after round. I enjoy the people.

It’s now the people, will be the people, and has forever been about the people and connections.

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I play for fun to win with friends which in turn betters myself… :slight_smile:

There’s always gonna be a winner and a loser…and there’s always gonna be someone upset if they feel others don’t play as good as they think there playing…

I’m fortunate that I don’t get upset at much…and if I do… it’s not for long…

I do really appreciate the devotion of pie and all that play .It takes a lot but for me it’s worth it…
But for Pie: Guy thank you for all of time ,effort and sacrifices you make to keep this game running…I know it takes a lot and I want you to know your not under appreciated…
Thank you so much

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I recently came back and enjoy playing to have fun, although I don’t know many people yet I think that’s slowly changing.

It would be nice to win but as others have said it’s not always possible!

You Meet alot of new people when you nuke them :smiley: Welcome back btw.

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