What's the last thing you ate?

Keto-friendly pizza. It was quite good!

What about you?

Prepared mac and cheese made with chao, potato chips dipped in hummus, and oh so many cough drops.


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According the internet dictionary, I ate hash. That could be misunderstood for something else. It was potatoes, sausage, meatballs and eggs fried on a pan, though.

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What’s that?

You on Keto too? Try Quest pizza … pretty good and only 6 carbs for half a pizza.


A poptart…

What a wonderful breakfast!

Leftover chicken wings that were too dry :frowning:

@Picklearmy the gf is trying keto so i get to try all these weird recipes she comes across.

I gotta say though, i’m really impressed with some of the alternatives available. Turns out you can make some really convincing “fake” breads with cheese and almond flour, for example. Or really tasty chocolate chip cookies substitutes.

They are koeken made from rijst

Nice these flatout wraps are also really good for making pizza’s and wraps… I think 6 net carbs.

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@ZichtOpZee are rijstkoeken rice cakes?

Just had some Indian food that wasn’t spicy enough. :frowning:

Alcohol :grimacing:

Yesterday I had a really good yellow Thai curry, with duck!

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Original Pringles.

I had pierogi with molten butter, smetana and fried onions.

I had to look up what half of that was

same, wasn’t sure about smetana. sounds good though!

as for me, i had a soylent for breakfast: