What SHOULD constitute IA

Pie has been explaining what constitutes an IA currently (it’s been the same since I’ve started playing). You cannot share intel or plans regarding another family with another family. You can’t ask for shares with a certain family for nap payments… you can’t brag about how many figs you ran or how much iron you opped, can’t laugh and share info in the chat about someone wrecking their fleet on a laser trap or defense station… and of course there are the obvious ones; market aiding, and coordinating attacks with other families.

Should the IA rule be that strict though? I am sure most players have broken some of the less obvious IA examples.

Personally I think the only thing that should not be allowed is market aiding and coordinating attacks. The only thing that mods can truly track is market aiding and in game messages. Players still gossip about wrecking fleets, future plans against certain families, and maybe even coordinating attacks in private messages outside of IC.

Just curious what the player base thinks, would you prefer if IA were to be removed completely, make IC more like the real world where factions can form and conspire with or against other families? Maybe lessen the strictness of the rule and make it so only in game actions such as market aiding would be considered IA? Or is the rule fine the way it is?



Collusion between non-allied family have always been a part of the game.
Much of isn’t enforceable.
You have to plan for it, even expect it.
In-family spies, unofficial naps, hell - heaps of official naps in-game are an extension of info sharing.

Coordinating attacks:
It is done so often with ops, there is only the nearly transparent fig leaf of fleets remaining before this is routine.

Market aiding:
The secret sauce!
Trackable game mechanic.
Pretty much the last thing @I_like_pie has left in the tool box to mark cheating.
As he seems predisposed to allow us to govern ourselves via polls, and coupled with his general “fuck the police” spirit imho - just pick the scab.

Result all the shitty players aren’t considering:
The guys that crush your family in econ round after round will be free to buy fleets for the little fams you are farming and “waring”.

Can’t wait to see the honorable econ guys have their gloves taken off.
I can literally smell the pig fuck.


Thats a big one right there!


IA no longer exists, so case closed.