What is the fabled Qezians race from Supernova?

For those players who did not frequent Supernova, or whom are more recent to the game, who were the Quezians and what were their abilities and their race points distribution?

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They are (at least their name, concept of being a 6th race, and image) have been floating around the back end of the game for a very long time.

They are massively overpowered I think it is every op, both special, and max (or even higher) of every stat.

There is also some lore lurking around the game where they are mentioned.

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Chuck Norris once laid with a village of Partaxian women, and that’s how Quezians came to be.


In Supernova’s original form as a training galaxy, Qez were the only race that could be picked. This was to presumably let new players experiment with all the goodies of races with none of the drawbacks.


Seems like good #ic-wiki fodder!

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Funny it appears I played in Supernova in 2013. No memory of that, but perhaps it was the addition of Qezians that enticed me back for that lone round.