What is an Oris Dorch?


How does one even begin to describe? A peculiar thing - one that pre-existed the… anomaly, but was forever changed as a result. You see, In detecting the… anomaly and the secret family that lied within, this thing that was an Oris Dorch discovered a seed of truth planted deeply within him, likely from some old Octarine he’d been munching on earlier that eon for the rather quizzical effects. And in it’s typical fasion, this thing that was an Oris Dorch created a great cocoon around its self, and like a caterpillar emerging from a cocoon arose as Oris Dorch! The rest is history … Well, at least, some of it is, the rest is mostly fabrication, a tangled web of lies, and THIS JUST IN - HARK! A DISTRACTION!


Oris Dorch! I thought the Void got you for sure.


The funny thing about Voids is that they’re the kind of thing that doesn’t exist… I mean, they DO exist, but only in their lack of existence. We’re SO busy trying to figure out what is (mysteries of the universe, dark matter & energy, subatomic scale particles, string theories etc) that we forgot to look for what isn’t – and the Void is it (or isn’t it depending on how you want to frame it). The problem with things that aren’t is that they can’t be filled with things that are, so as soon as I stepped into the void, it started to exist - which of course means it stopped exististing! It was stripped of its fundamental property: non existance. Who’d have thunk that all you had to do with a Void was fill it? Ha!


Hi @Oris_Dorch! What an intro :star_struck: Very nice :smiley:

On the void thing, so instead of stepping into it, throwing an old sock into it would also have the same result? Except of course the lacking of the total awesomeness of stepping into the void? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha, you thought this was an intro? This was an oldhoon’s post-outro!


Yet here you are!


Yet by becoming its own antithesis, it was reborn as itself! Amazing!


Finally - someone who understands! It’s been in flux ever since, making it all the more dangerous! The multiverse is in grave peril my friend…