What are you playing?

Besides Imperial Conflict, of course. :wink:

Along with IC Mafia 56: Fire and Blood, I started playing Fable recently:

I bought this game years ago and never got around to it, even though I watched my roommate at the time play it for awhile.

It’s pretty good!

What about you?

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Ic, mafia, and magic. No time for much, busy busy bee.

At the moment Fifa 19, Civ6, Two Point Hospital (similar to the old Theme hospital game)

I love the fable series. Great games!

Warzone.com which is an online version of Risk basically, with a lot more variations and a large catalog of player-created maps.

Only IC and Mafia for me right now. Well not Mafia anymore, I was killed :sob:

Sea of Thieves, Age of Empires 2, Minion Masters, Planetary Annihilation.

Only Red dead redemption 2 atm. Oh and some turn based online version of 2 board games.

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Summoners War (5 years+)


recently started few months ago on Epic Seven


and as always … Rainbow Six Siege.

Fortnite and Black Ops 4.
Lmao @Ordos234 that clip was funny
I played SeaofThieves in the Beta
Played Rainbow6 too read a lot of Tom Clancy novels back in the day…