What are you playing?

Besides Imperial Conflict, of course. :wink:

Along with IC Mafia 56: Fire and Blood, I started playing Fable recently:

I bought this game years ago and never got around to it, even though I watched my roommate at the time play it for awhile.

It’s pretty good!

What about you?

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Ic, mafia, and magic. No time for much, busy busy bee.

At the moment Fifa 19, Civ6, Two Point Hospital (similar to the old Theme hospital game)

I love the fable series. Great games!

Warzone.com which is an online version of Risk basically, with a lot more variations and a large catalog of player-created maps.

Only IC and Mafia for me right now. Well not Mafia anymore, I was killed :sob:

Sea of Thieves, Age of Empires 2, Minion Masters, Planetary Annihilation.

Only Red dead redemption 2 atm. Oh and some turn based online version of 2 board games.


Summoners War (5 years+)


recently started few months ago on Epic Seven


and as always … Rainbow Six Siege.

Fortnite and Black Ops 4.
Lmao @Ordos234 that clip was funny
I played SeaofThieves in the Beta
Played Rainbow6 too read a lot of Tom Clancy novels back in the day…

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Playing Dead by Daylight lately, anybody else?

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DBD is such a Good game, I found my self replaying Horizon: Zero Dawn and also Apex legends.

Rome total war 2 atm.

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I love those type of games. I was playing three kingdoms the other day. The new one, very nice game.

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Ah yes, that game is on my list as well

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If only I had a better PC but I’m mainly a console player. I play mostly in my PS4

Played Apex legends beta also like I really played all nighters. However once season 1 came out they kind of ruined it, came put with the battle pass… I put it down and havent picked it up since season 3!

Played the begging of Apex legends, liked it but never picked it back up lol,

But Im usually playing destiny 2

League of Legends
Starters Orders 6
Witcher 3
Crusader Kings 2