What are you drinking?

I can’t be the only alkie here. You drinking anything good this weekend?

I tried this one earlier today:

Rich espresso and chocolate notes from the beer meld with sweet toasted coconut, before aging for several months in fresh bourbon barrels. The barrels impart the beer with additional hints of coconut and vanilla for a new take on this classic American dessert.

Less sweet than it sounds, but still very flavorful. Suuuuper dark, which is always a plus for me.

What about you? Beer? Cocktails? Something else?

But I also like a beer, mostly just regular beer, Heineken or so, but I also like a good cocktail, like rum/coke (Cuba Libre), or occasionally, to have a nice drink and get wasted superfast, a Long Island Iced Tea

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Tonight was a Moscow mule, an old fashioned, and a few random vodka drinks.

I confess I like liquid candy, but I don’t mind a bit of a kick. After my MIL passed away, she left behind several bottles of Famous Grouse. I don’t like straight whisky, so I turned those bottles into my own brand of Fireball. I dropped cinnamon sticks and a dried chili pepper into the bottles, let sit, then mix with maple syrup and store in freezer. Depending on how long the chili was in there, it could be mild or it could be OMG call 911. Good stuff for shots.


I’m normally not a huge Fireball fan, but that sounds quite tasty.

It is!

Stone - ///fear. Movie. Lions

Very tasty