Weekend Plans

Whatcha guys got?

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in Copenhagen :smiley:


Fight this war apparently. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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@Darrk good luck and have fun!

@Airwing where are you out of normally?

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Kings Day. King Wim-Lex for life!

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One word: Endgame!!

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Niiiice !! :smiley:

Celebrating the birthday of our king WOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG LIVE THE KING

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@I_like_pie Honestly I am gonna watch @Ordos234 Explore 300p while the rest of MW beats the crap out of each other.

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Fun Birthday party

And ofcorse GoT Sunday!


raising a 10 yr old shitbag of a child

then hopefully engame on sunday @Goddess_of_the_Dead no spoilers plz

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House warming party tommoro and endgame Sunday :sunglasses:

Drinking and shenanigans tonight, then more drinking, dirt track racing, and even more drinking tomorrow night! Sunday is for relaxing.

Taking my Son to go and see Avengers End Game today. :slight_smile:

@I_like_pie , Bergen, Norway is my hometown

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Being on the boat for me. But hey Friday is catfish day and Saturday is steak day only 19 more days till i get off the boat for 15

Planning my raid on @rizzy in 19 days

Going to see endgame by myself

Makes plans to go out and do something fun. End up staying home and not going out.

Telling my fam I will make some attacks in IC. Log in ,but don’t attack.

Eat lots of food to eat away the pain.

Wake up and back to work.

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I would hug you, but you look and smell homeless.

Cheers to all drinking today, I’ll be joining you in about 2 hours. :beers:

To those who aren’t, I hope you enjoy a tasty meal today instead. :slight_smile:

About to see Endgame and it’s not alone. My brother went with me and paid. So that’s cool.