The criteria for how wars are handled needs to be changed. I propose the following:

  1. Wars are triggered under 3 conditions
    A. One family declares on another family ( current state)
    B. One family takes X percent of another families planets in a predetermined period of time.
    C. 2 families pass the same planets back and forth X times over X period of time

  2. During wars the 2 families involved cannot be attacked by other families, nor can they attack other families. Prevents vulturing

  3. Wars are ended under 3 conditions.
    A. Fam A takes X percent of family B planets and holds them for Y amount of time.
    B. X period of time has elapsed.
    C. Families agree to end hostilities( what happens now)

  4. After a war 2 things happen
    A. Families automatically have a 72 hour nap in place, this can be cancelled like normal
    B. Both families are in a X time frame of cool down where they cannot enter another war.

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I really like this in a way,

Id like to play a round where peace is the norm, so people get loads of shares etc, and then war breaks out, but if theres something like you can only attack a fam for 48 or 72 hours styraight, it means at some point war has to end, you make peace, and move on.

I like it too, but there has to be an abuse prevention.

If I see family X has saves a shitload to take me down, I could declare on my ally, so Iā€™m protected for an X period of time against attacks.

Imo the vulturing is not the biggest problem, i feel people honor that mostly.

What id be interested in is the peace times to allow shares to build up etc, and also the forced end of a war after say 48/72 hours, to force an end to hostilities and let people get back to growing.

So, clan wars?

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I like the idea of an expiration of war declarations and some sort of cooldown period before being able to declare again.