War of the round! 7126 vs 7129

Some brave guys in 7126 decided to take on the big bad giant. Give em props for having the stones!
Ladies and Gentlemen, get your knives and forks, for tonight WE DINE IN HELL!

Tick 1:

1 #7129: Country road [92,59] 60,028,712 1,993 16,577,812
2 #7126: The BIG Hunt [16,71] 38,990,892 874 8,084,320
1 Bulgaria Wardancers 28,486,913 104 717,878
2 Cells Wardancers 14,127,960 89 770,280
3 Swagga SH1NOB1N87R XXX 12,962,491 111 1,031,240
4 Germany Camaar 9,646,886 114 787,360
5 Canada Sh33p Blèèèh 9,028,580 612 4,981,678

Tick 2:

1 #7129: Country road [92,59] 53,525,819 1,996 16,450,730
2 #7126: The BIG Hunt [16,71] 22,570,100 871 7,444,659
1 Bulgaria Wardancers 24,862,334 119 718,513
2 Swagga SH1NOB1N87R XXX 9,913,869 110 949,802
3 Germany Camaar 8,769,918 117 792,705

14 Cells Wardancers 3,351,716 90 633,777

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Actually lol 29 canceled on 26 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but 26 saved since they new it was coming…not really much of a war tho, to many shares and way out saved lol unless we kept all hidden and waited till use were inactive we would not have done much

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I got overeager, was hoping to help as a banker :frowning:


81103 attacking soldiers ate lead from the defenders

0 attacking droids malfunctioned

0 soldiers died in the fight to defend the planet

3061 droids failed in their program to defend the planet


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Lol dont think you really needed to help anyways haha

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Let’s fix the title of this thread please! You mean Farm of the round*…because that’s what you guys want to do

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And I’m sure that’s what you guys are gonna do. Everyone please watched how they take us from 930p to 400 or less.

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Aceept the nap offer and we wont.

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Thank you guys for putting up a proper war thread - it has been way to long.

Accept witch offer?

The first one where we were to give all shares planets up and what ever else you choose witch wasn’t stated how much or what that would be …

Or your 2nd offer to give another 200p ? Lol

Seems like king had it right hahaha

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Seems like you dont get it ya got 900 planets 200 to ask came after ya hit bankers were gonna keep it clean but ya decided otherwise and 200 is reasonable at your pcount 20%

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If 20% was offered it would have been accepted but 20% hasnt been… Your leader wanted all spread planets and some extra but woudlnt say what the extra is…you just said 200p when were down 100p already…that could mean many things depending on the player so until its printed clearly without trickery then we must retake and attack where we can till you give a real nap offer and put a cf in place

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Well guys we can take the nap discussion somewhere else, my point was to showcase a proper war like i remmeber back in the days. Sure we are fewer players etc, but massive fleets on both sides were jumped and lost, bankers have been opped, and their armies run down and rebuildt.

Newever players dont get to see stuff like that every round.


Oh my how troublesome. Probably the most honest and truthful player (me) is being called a liar. Ha ha ha! This war is entertaining for sure.

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Why don’t we all chill and focus on last week of round…

We Will all be glad it ended.

Also morale is a big bitch xd

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Farm of the round!!! Stay frosty my friend!

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Nap signed within 24h of war start

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poor planning on 26 part… we would of signed nap yesterday but they want to stall and ploy some cheap tricks in diplo… then they cry foul… cells is a better player than swagger… and nothing else was done in their fam… they shouldnt of split jumps on attackers … or not even of jumped… they could of done alot better or even hurt us more

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NAP has been signed, in the end, we have respect for 7126 for standing up for themselves and attempting to win an uphill battle in a real war.

1 #7129: Country road [92,59] 47,777,236 2,146 16,374,247

3 #7126: The BIG Hunt [16,71] 16,221,640 716 5,804,008

In the end approximately 150 planets swapped hands in less than 24 hours, with over 500 attacks being made in total from both sides.

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Whew, seems I need to respond to an idiot and a delusionists,

@SCORP I do not do cheap tricks, never tried, y’all had me talking to three different people while Diplo was going on and two of three I spoke to was unreasonable, further more why would I stall when 2 tick of war I was asking to NAP? That’s no stalling, I actually wanted to NAP, but say what you want, I want to know who reading this would give up all of thier attackers spread and planets willingly! Just ask around, maybe it might be more than I think, but I won’t.

Then @Noir you want this so bad to be a “real war” and you know it’s not, not really, It was a fun war, a bit stupid, and a lot of excuses were thrown from your side, the side that won but it’s all good, much love! :heart:

Can y’all guess whose the idiot and who’s delusional? Might just be the same person

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Kingray, imo this was a real war. It wasnt an even war, but it was the war of the round that had the biggest savings, the largest armies and the best prepared families. Now with the current amount of families there will seldom be two very evenly matched families and an EOR war. With that in mind, this was as good of an EOR war we could expect imo.