War bonus for morale is not being applied

I tried cancelling my war with 6300 because the war bonus was only being applied for them. But now it shows there is a 24 hr nap offer for some reason and it wont let me cancel and says:

“I’m sorry but galactic law prevents us from withdrawing or cancelling a non-aggression pact earlier than 48 weeks after the ink dried.”

The ink has not dried, neither one of us signed a nap, I am unsure if they can attack us or not.

What’s your fam num?




When you say “war bonus” are you referring to lower morale costs or higher military stats?

just the morale bonus, the game would say 1.7 for example on the planet page when you would send fleets. But when you actually trigger it charged the normal non bonus of ~3-4%

6300’s attacker however says he is getting the morale bonus.

The NAP issue appears to have resolved itself. Can you confirm?

As for the morale bonuses, how long ago were those attacks attempted?

Yea they attacked and it went away… Last time i checked for a discrepancy was last night but the attacks have been ongoing… I will check and see if its still doing it on my next attacks

Yea, I tested it just now and it said it would charge 1.1 percent but it charged 3

This should be fixed now.

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FYI this is not the same bug we encountered…

I don’t think it was claimed to be.