War between 11690 vs 11688

We in 11690 is coming for you flip and co.

11690 was. A 2 player family till I joined. We grinded to where we are today. We plan to either go down fighting, or come out victorious. We are playing with house money, and you are the house that is gonna topple down.

Good luck to both sides

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Galactic reporter here reporting in a few planets has gonna fam 11690 way so far. Really this war is just to early to tell. Flips massive agents and wizzards are impenetrable. 11690 is flying blind. He has quite a fleet for a pop banker. But maybe some of that fleet should’ve went to one of their attackers. Never know now a days maybe it’s a new meta.

Galactic reporter out for now.

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Galactic Reporter here more attacks and planets have change sides. Retakes are happening and more of 11688 planets are under attacks. breaking news I have a member of 11690 here lets ask him a few questions.
GR: So Jets you are in 11690?
Jets: yes I am how can I help you?
GR: so what does your part of the war effort entail?
Jets:I posted in u-news 3 times.
GR: doesn’t your fam want you to help out?
Jets: I believe they would like me to do something else, but right now I feel like the fam needs the morale support.
GR: Thanks for taking the time to speak with me.
Jets: No problem I have a few hrs before I should post in u-news anyways.


Hello I am noobs I am glad that my planets are helping with the war effort after you converted them into 90s believers

Planets of 88 refuges will all be taken care of no worry noobs.

This is the current state after 21 hrs. 90 finally declared war. Guess the pop banking attached needed the extra nw range.

88 pulls ahead slightly!! How long will they be able to hold the lead?

Haha just saw this - after having my pop attacked and 11 destroy cash from 89 the morning before you guys decided to come at me I’d say I did ok :slight_smile:
Sorry that a pop banker with no droids held your entire family back

I was on strike. Just a galactic reporter