War! 91 vs 96

Hello ( From the other side)

This is a nap cancel notice, to your family, (4296) From my family (4291) This was a 72 hour nap, the nap will officially end on tick 622.

As always, I love you all… Best of Luck… and… Enjoy :smiley:


This message was sent to every member in 4296 and everyone in 4291… Also posted in Uni news

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1 Se7en Deadly Sins (4296) [45,12] 958 10295772 57585


3 No Stress (4291) [72,91] 739 5812126 47598

Just a reminder the #3 ranked fam cancelled on the #1 ranked fam who has almost double their NW…

TBO either has rocks in his head or balls the size of boulders.


Soooo we were gonna invite you to 2v1 or 3v1 us for EoR.

But sure, we can turn your family into a dumpster fire now if you wish.


:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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Can I bring a burger? I mean if I’m going to be a dumpster fire… I want to eat :smiley:


Yes… #3 did the cancel NOT #1

See that?
Not everyone needs to be a pansy!



You meant that as a standoff not actually a UA?

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Yeps, had good chat with Pie about it.
He thinks the IA rule is stupid stupid stupid - but people keep voting for it. (Honestly, I don’t think people understand the ramifications of that rule - I didn’t, thus I asked.)

In this case (a chance for which, TBO just wiped his ass with) we were intending to invite everyone to fight against us for EoR. If that would have been cool with everyone they would have been allowed to fight us, but not collude.

Good question Mace!

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Actually Cells and ICD (92 & 90) still might want to have a go 2v1 at us for EoR.
Asking PA might be a good start! :slight_smile:

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My ass was a little messy…
I needed something to clean it up with


Well if you fight like beast, then you can wipe your ass with our planets!
Good luck all your cool ninjas with your tricky/techy races in 4291!

(Totaly +2 cool points, I like joor races!)

I hope you guys are up for the challenge!

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I think its more…

We wanna fill a void and see if people have what it takes.

Also darrk… maybe next time, you won’t see my race so up close :stuck_out_tongue:


TBO gives me candy if I send him cash


So… Pie agreed to allowing a gang hit…

You clearly have the lead… it was now or eor… and tbh… life gets hell soon so I figured why not now?

Your all up about this 2v1 or 3v1…

Except Pickle’s told me he was going to war 90 on Sunday and you have been saving for that…


How was an eor war happening if war was Sunday with Death??

I mean everything is… Random :smiley:

  1. I am 100% loyal to my family’s leader Pickle.

  2. Whatever my family’s leader says in non-official diplomatic channels to other players is meaningless to me.

Got it?

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"I’m totally loyal, but don’t care what he says"


"I cannot delineate between affectations in a sentence, reading is hard. :frowning: "

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Wait…war? what war? …why must we war just cause of naps ? l.ol

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Feel free to go into detail about what I misread, I’m still confident that’s an accurate translation.

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