Voting Limits on Ideas

Yes, @I_like_pie but as new ideas are added year after year, expanding our vote pouch would be nice, even if only one or two each new year. Even NFL coaches get more time outs to call in overtime games.

They’ve already been increased from the default settings which is anywhere from 2-8 votes depending on trust level.

Right now everybody has 10 no matter their trust level, and given that there is value in forcing players to decide, I’m not convinced that we should increase it any further.

“What are your top 10 must haves?” is far more useful than “what is everything you want?” or even “What are your top 20?”


I still think it’s a broken system though. Some ideas I voted on have 10 or more votes, making them the top of the pyramid in terms of idea-topics, but I still have to wait if you think they are important enough, and realistic enough to be implemented short term.
In other words, I have some votes on topics almost a year old, I think should really be implemented in the short term, but I have little faith it will happen - still costing me a vote.
Hence, at some point I remove votes from thing I think - “whatever, this is not going to happen anyways” - not removing them from my top10 list, but from the ‘Spend my votes on something that aligns better with Pie’s agenda’.

I guess what would work better is if at some point we recognize ideas with a high number of votes, and put that on the ‘Accepted ideas’ list, releasing the votes, not per se realizing it immediately, but putting it on the dev backlog or so?

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Yeah, we’ve been moving towards something like that by putting things onto #roadmap:to-do as they become fleshed out and eventually accepted.

Make Supernova Qezian-only again is a good example. It sat at the top with 19 votes for awhile, but it wasn’t until Race Versions was identified as a larger technical dependency that it could get onto the roadmap. Right now, that feature has 0 votes.

That means that 19 players helped get a “yes, will definitely do this” but 0 players have said “now that this is accepted, we want it more than we want other things”. Both parts are important, but for different reasons. There’s likely a lapse in understanding here because this is so new, and I haven’t yet prioritized explaining things until this post.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, there is value in having players make the tough choice between features because it empowers you to help me do the same thing but much earlier in the process. I would say that “whatever, this is not going to happen anyways” is probably better stated as “whatever, i want this other thing more”.

We’re pretty much doing exactly what you’re suggesting. The system isn’t broken, just very slow. In the meantime, players can feel stuck, but this is important because it represents the same “stuckness” that I also feel. If we give players more votes it will just give them a false sense of progress and overload my dev queue. Then votes will feel worthless, whereas right now they feel like they are in short supply. We don’t want vote inflation. :slight_smile: What should happen instead, is that players regain a vote as I complete a feature, and they can then apply that where they want and the roadmap refreshes itself in a more focused way than if everybody had unlimited votes, or even just more votes. Limited votes = focus.

This is all a big step up from just having an ideas forum, and that’s not even including the role of the new Think Tank, which is also still being defined.

Regardless, I appreciate you guys giving feedback and asking questions. You and others expressing an increased interest in the roadmap is a great sign!

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I don’t understand this at all.

I 100% agree we should not increase the amount of votes, but the extreme slowness of the process makes the votes also feel useless. Voting on a top idea doesn’t mean it moves (faster).
Hence, I like what you did to the standardized coordinates now :slight_smile:

I’m probably explaining it poorly. Late night here. :grimacing:

For #roadmap:ideas, lots of votes will show how seriously players want it, which will lead to a faster decision regarding its acceptance.

The list is overdue for an evaluation, it will probably better match the process I described after I clean things up a bit.

Oh? I didn’t know there was a vote for that idea sorry, we want Qezians asap is what I got out of that, the other stuff about races/points etc isn’t a worry for me atm and would take more experienced and intelligent people who know what their doing to sort out…

No need to apologize. :slight_smile: Those votes were necessary for me to see how much people want Qezs back in SN.

The rest is just figuring out where it ties into existing work. It’s a bit more up front planning, but much more efficient in terms of how the feature is built. :smiley: