Voting issue regarding rogues

In Manthano I just requested getting killed of and while giving some ppl VL tags, thought it was fun to mark myself rogue…and switch the 2 vote dif, with me voting for myself, having 2 votes more than Kirikai.

Bug imo is that the vote of a player marked rogue doesn’t count in deciding who is leader on a tie on votes for leadership.

So if I just vote for myself, I have 5 votes and Kirikai 3
When I voted him leader and left myself unrogued, it becomes 4vs4 and because Kirikai is the last to get voted, he gets leadership.
If I mark myself rogue and switch vote, I remain leader on the 4vs4 split.

If it is not a bug, I’d say the voting rights of rogues shouldn’t disappear when one leader decides to rogue someone for whatever bs reason, like not paying fambank. Not that it really matters…but I got fundamental objections against rogues getting treated differently, get it sorted!


I’m a bit confused: are you saying that “last to vote” getting the win doesn’t apply if the last to vote is rogue?

correctomundo, without rogue the leader option button instantly changed/disappeared (on 4vs4 vote split)
with rogue it stayed and I remain in the ‘pink’ (on 4vs4 split).

I didn’t retest, only recounted votes to make sure nobody changed votes during. I can test if it might change if I log out/clear cache and log in?

With myself on rogue, voting last to get 4vs4 split vote:
Our current Leader is Sol of Sol Invictus
You are voting for DeuX of Kirikai.

When I mark myself normal player, nothing changes.
I vote for myself again, save vote, vote for kirikai again:

Our current Leader is DeuX of Kirikai
You are voting for DeuX of Kirikai.

on 4vs4 split vote. Meaning rogue vote doesn’t seem to count, at least not when being used as key vote, or it messes up somewhere because I am leader myself, thats for testing gal to pinpoint. :slight_smile: