Voting for leader returns 500 error

This is from the vote page

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I had stuff from the vote page too, mine was game generated orginally.
(Pure white page you get sometimes) “Game has encountered an error” - ish text.

I am now getting the same 500 error that @TheBigOne is getting on the vote page.

Also, 2 votes not enough for leader. (that seems new too).

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Just pushed out a fix. Try now! :smiley:

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No error and 1 vote makes a leader!

Good work Pie!

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w00t w00t thanks for the report. fixed!

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@I_like_pie My fam is still buggy methinks.


You take sides…
You love @TheBigOne more than me.
I hate everyone.
I am the best ever.
At everything.
Except when I am not.
Then it is someone else’s fault.

I take sides against the bugs. :smiley:

What happens when you try though?

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It looks like it is fixted me0w.
Good job!

:trophy: :cake::trophy:

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