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Playing in manth has brought an idea to mind, a new op or just attach to PI so that you can see planet size before deciding whether to explore it. having the limit of 99 planets (not been bothered to go near 99 so not sure on what actually happens to determine which planet is deleted after 99) is great but getting stuck with an average below the actual game average of ~230 size sucks and makes OB super expensive comparatively. Even in normal galaxies it can be a pain to get 135 planets on your bankers.

I don’t recommend just having it free reign to see since even from a lore perspective, being able to determine what on the planet is habitable/buildable sounds more like something agents/scouts would find out and not just by looking at it from a distance (idk, I don’t do lore - even in the real word we could say that venus isn’t very good for building on).

whatever - idea is thrown out there

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Outside of mathano I like it so as an attacker I can see max # of lasers someone can build.

A spell that ‘analyse planet’ and shows any hidden bonuses (Morale) and base size and pop etc would be very cool :slight_smile:
Makes perfect sense too - why would my smart agents not be able to do that?

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As I have been warned in the past, a new spell, op, building, etc. Is next to impossible to get added to the game

Why is that?