Verify email address


I got two verify email address emails today. When I clicked on the link, all I got for both of them was that the token was no longer valid. What’s going on?


I got that 6 times today also


Seems there’s a bug in the verification check. This is pretty nasty. :grimacing:

Thanks for reporting, will fix it ASAP.


Could you guys fwd any of the emails you received to [email protected]?



Done. :slight_smile:



Also it happened when I tried to login, site froze and the email sent. Each time I tried to login with my saved credentials it sent an email.

I tried on phone and desktop when it did happen.

If that helps :stuck_out_tongue:



The game checks for verified email in a few different places. I’ve temporarily disabled it on auth, which should prevent the login spam. Please let me know if you guys still get the emails.

This is a band-aid, a proper fix is still needed.