Vacation Shi*List Next Round

I shall be on vacation in Texas with hydro, WS and Anput… butttttttt thanks to Nai @Nai and his gang of misfits in 55 i shall after a looooooonggggg time, have myself some SOR pax opping fun.

not bitter at ALL, I hope opping savings was fun for them. Cause god knows they barely took a planet all round @PLaYeR1 :crazy_face::crazy_face: .

But im doing this as courtesy to Anyone Who has the misfortune of landing these sluts in their fam next round. That i going ss pax. Meaning occult farms and cfs from the start and come the 48 hour mark i will let loose my Archmages on your entire fam. I will ask my wife also to play next round and do the same thing. :crazy_face:.

One of the weirdest moves ever by a veteran like Nai, just before the start of a new round, to piss off an entire galaxy, but at the end of the day, its the fams you land in next round that will hurt.Yall better hope pie doesnt give alot of starting resources :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember doing this back in the day with EvilRunt, it feels good to troll again

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I was just returning you the favor on backstabbing us 2v1.

Glad it had some effect :slight_smile:

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i dont understand the 55 4d chess play, what is going on?

not sure why your zeroing down on me…

You routinely ignore the fact these tears are priceless. Thank you for giving us such a splendid gift. It warms my heart.

On a side note, we were bored. Your EOR plans may have been messed up, but, that is nothing comparably equal in damage dealt by you guys in your 2v1 on us.

Sure, we get consequences, so should you. Have fun on vaca, drink some beers! See you when you return!


Im sorry, Am i not allowed to have a reaction to you opping us? :thinking::thinking:.

@PLaYeR1 @Nai we cleared our core and even as a courtesy to Nai i didnt hit you where I was portalled in your north core. Even some of your players ingame me thanking me for not being a dick about it.

ANYWAYS im just doing this for fun.

Should have expected some sort of reaction from atleast 1 player but i have an army of oppers ready to roll apparently. @Jets is gonna lead the charge. My Stalwart Archmage :love_you_gesture:

Had to edit out @warken
Souls a good dude, I know he probably had nothing to do with this.
The list is getting shorter. More FOCUS :kissing_heart:

List is getting shorter. Cant troll Flipmode :v:


i salut and applaud the use of shitlists, they are not used often enough!

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4d chess :joy: now where have a I heard that recently?

Apparently it has been around a long time as a saying. According to parrot. So I was unable to trademark it.

Seems, round to round, certain people can wear big boy pants, shake things off and start fresh.

Then there is “even my wife”… lol… please, please, @HellRaizeR more tears. More big stories. They are delicious! Btw, come join my hosted Mafia event, you’ll have fun!

And @Jets Jets… Shitlists and its previous iterations have probably been around since the invention or armies… so 15-20k years ago. So yeah, there is that.

Reference to parrot 4d chess not shortlists. No need to flatter yourself. The whole cancellation on everyone and late round ops was silly. 57 helping 51 their ally not breaking any rules. You opping 57 not breaking rules.

If this is a way for me just to play a relaxed non leading round. Could be fun and again not breaking any rules.

Ya I was in the fam and I could see us doing this to one family If they screwed us over but basically every fam beat us in a war so we cancelled all naps which didn’t make much sense.

We are good flip @MEMEGA :love_you_gesture:

And for the record @Nai @PLaYeR1

I don’t think what you did is unfair, or low, or shitty or anything of that sort.

I just think it was a very Newbie move by a vet.

To Op the galaxy before the start of a new round, its fresh on our minds.

So my shitlist is just a reaction to your “move”.

Now its my “move” . Im gonna sit back in texas waiting to see where you 2 land and im going to target your 2 fams. Is that Low? :thinking:. Perhaps but im allowed to have a reaction and this is what i choose to do. Some old school trolling evilrunt type shiznit :crazy_face:

So why didnt u shake it off and not do this?

You didnt shake it off man.

You think im gonna shake it off? The new round is in a couple days lol. There is no time to shake it off :kissing_heart:. I really wanna shake it off! I really do but i cant! The extra 20 mil nw i lost, it pains me too much :sob::sob::sob:

The cancellation was bad enough… my mw fam was doing their one log in a day to aid. They were all panicking then I had to do leadership stuff. Was way to much for me.

Nolio did this one round and it almost cost us size victory just always has a sour taste in my mouth.

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