Update: Underscores in Names


You can now use underscores in your ruler and empire names, but only by updating them. A proper fix is planned to allow them on creation, and also to allow for spaces.



Spaces alrdy work if you do it upon entering a galaxy.


Interesting. :thinking: From which entry point?



Also you can find a few examples in various rankings. I used Red Bull a few times as nick for example. And methano has more than 5 nicks with spaces atm.


Yea I always use PICKLE ARMY but if you try to edit your empire with a space after you have created it, it will not let you.


I know we have mismatched rules with legacy data, but wasn’t aware new ones could still get in. Good to know!

Thanks guys.


Hmm. Just tried this and it didn’t seem to work… although perhaps it’s just objecting to my terrible choice of name!