Update: New Rankings View

The old rankings page has been retired in favor of a new rankings section on the existing round pages.

For example, the recent #milky-way-66 final ranks can now be found here:

You’ll notice new bar-graphs to track everybody’s progress relative to the top ranking family or empire.

This page will also allow you to switch between the various ranking views without having to reload anything.

You can still link to specific views by using the urls that correspond to the different tabs. For example, if you wanted to share the MW66 ranks above but focused on top families by size, you could use the following:

This also makes historical rankings easier to find by just swapping out the galaxy name and round number. For example, here’s the top empires by networth in Supernova 28 from last July:

This should help us keep track of our rankings more easily.


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It actually look pretty damn good!
Like well done and stuff @Imperial_Conflict !

One might suggest that size should be the first tab (as the general consensus has always been the size title trumps the NW crown) buuut, it has always shown it that way, and who am I to shit on tradition?

Honestly, I always found it handy in the rounds to see the NW leads mid round because it is super easy to keep tabs on which fam is jumping something of note.

So well done on the thing imho!

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I do like the new rankings tab. Definitely a lot more info.

I suggest that you switch the page position of the actual rankings and the galaxy info. Scrolling does take a micro second, and when you do that 100x a day, the time really adds up.

i miss seeing my family highlighed


I was thinking the exact same thing today. @I_like_pie is it hard to have your family highlighted in some way like before?

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pro tip: Focus more on the map than the rankings @Remo :joy:

I let the attackers focus on the map :stuck_out_tongue: @Airwing