Ultimate PVC

1 (6215) [57,48] 84 144295 2783

Line up: Unknown

At first glance, it seems like.2 SS players, They are doing very good and have been on top of the income rankings since day 1. No real attack race and no Pax in this HC galaxy. They are doing a fine job surviving for now but can it last? I hope for their sake they IA with an attacker like Sol og Pickle to help em out on the attack front. To me this looks like a juicy planet farm.


2 B & E (6216) [57,97] 58 136375 2811

Line up: Airwing (custom attack) and SunZtu (pax)

We know what we’r doing, have been among the top fams in income ranking in all categories since day 1. From Universal News there is nothing from Bert and Ernie, so they don’t seem like the most aggressive fam. Will we infra and get farmed by a more aggressive fam or are we playing defense and building a core. Time will tell, for now:


3 Pinky and the Brain (6220) [27,84] 65 130380 2561

Line up: Seems like Soul (custom bank) and Zero (custom attack)

With a team like this you know they will do good. I don’t think they have the best game knowledge based on their races and fam setup with no Partaxian, so for their sake I hope they IA with a team that has one. Their activity is top Notch, I played against zero before and he is one persistent mofo to fight. So I don’t think these guys will go away lightly. They are reaping the benefits from that custom banker income bonus and is amongst the top in income since day 1.


4 Family nome (6227) [78,7] 77 127703 2816

Line up: Seems like VIcous (camera) and MRblond (Bank)

Vic and blond has a wierd setup, camaar and a strange Custom bank race and under normal conditions I would expect them to be a planet farm for someone more aggressive, but knowing they both have a lot of game time under their belts. Their Econ seem to be on point so far.


5 #MeToo:It Takes 2 To Tango!:slight_smile: (6223) [81,56] 57 118949 2523

Line up: Belived to be Sol as Wardancer and banker unknown.

Any fam Sol is on is a fam to watch our for, slightly strange the quantam banking option they have made, but if anyone can make it work its my old friend Sol. If this is his fam that is :stuck_out_tongue: But both Theme and race points in the direction of Sol_invuctus. Eco is on point, seems like they allready started some attacks. And knowing from experience u rather have Sol in your corner than being his enemy, he is one of the worst persons to fight, he never gives up.

Contenders FTW

6 Mario & Luigi (6225) [47,70] 61 118270 2589

Line up: Seems like Picklearmy (custom attack) and Hala (pax)

If the lineup here is correct I’d say this is one of the strongest fams in Ultimate, pickle is one of the few left who actually know how to win a round like this. He has done it so many times before. In Hala he has strong support in both ops and income. Both infra,science races is 100% in order with these guys. I expect them to be HEAVY in defense already seeing they are not #1.

My top Contenders FTW

7 May God watch over our planets (6228) [8,89] 58 116134 2359

Line up: Ceadmon and Nois/orion

Overall power players by far. Orion with his sick ability to make top ranks in the most shitty fams, i am sure we will se him in the top incom rankings at some point. they have the correct setup to be a Contender, they seem to have the income and infra to back to up. Map position is not the best IMO, but in a galaxy like this everything can happen! With a setup like this and infra backing it like it is atm puts these guys as:


8 Happy days! (6217) [8,62] 50 109322 2561

Line up : Unknown

Setup seems good, my only question , how will this turn out when the ops start to fly. Wardancer do lack those hard ops! Infra and expo seems ok. Im sure there is some skilled players in this fam. Due to the Wardancer race this can also be Sol, but I would expect a more aggressive approach from him.


9 Us (6214) [5,13] 59 100991 2330

Line up: Rivan and Dronez

Perfect setup and races on these guys, Rumor is Rivan is an old player returning doing the attacks and Dronez will push the GC and SPELLS. Infra seems to be OK! What I question is the attacker ability of RIvan, can these guys make it to top? If they go against a fam like Sol or pickle my money would not be on RIvan and Dronez. Still they should be able to core play and get out alright. Its still early in the round.


10 (6224) [2,37] 50 92988 2384

Line up: Paytime and Easyway?

2 of IC’s power Econ player, Paytime was also a fantastic attacker once, but it seems life don’t leave that much time for IC anymore. ALOT of game knowledge and of someone would be able to do good it would be these guys, but seems activity is not there for them this round.


11 (6222) [30,48] 45 67123 1575

Line up : Kirkai and Scratch.

These guys are solid players, but seems they lack the activity and organization for this HC gal.


12 (6219) [88,86] 27 64951 1513
line up: Unknown - Pretenders

13 2 Man Group (6221) [79,27] 34 57760 1218
line up: PAWS and ? - Pretenders
Super agressiv start, but normaly they get killed due to lack of infra and econ.
Seems like a n00b trying to raise some hell, but im sure it wont last long.


14 Royal Man (6218) [35,22] 30 43817 1727
line up: Unknown - Pretenders

15 (6226) [56,26] 2 2931 369

line up: Unknown - Pretenders


Sorry for the typos etc :stuck_out_tongue: im to lazy to edit much

Sure, keep thinking I’d play with a standard race with s****y speed in a hardcore galaxy. :see_no_evil::ghost:

Ya’ll find me soon enough…when I find you! Nice PvC AirDong! :kissing_heart:

Lol… thanks for the resounding commendation, @airwing…! And I agree - I wouldn’t back me against Sol. I have soooo little time nowadays. I got old :frowning:

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yea we all did @Belg, age took us all and time is not in excess these days. Anyway good luck, your doing great so far! keep it up!

Cool, I’m in there!

Nice PvC. Good read.

Seeing it’s a hardcore round where everything is allowed and I figured why not do it all in the open (unlike others). So I am in #6223, which if you read and believed the PvC should already know.

but tri alliance in hc round is sad lol
I only napped paytimer when I found out AW killed Soul’s fam with the 3rd party

Picklearmy Today at 14:40

I would say its more of a tri nap, I havent worked with them too much really

Sol Invictus Today at 14:41

lol it seems like u all worked together to hit me yesterday so i was distracted so u could portal up, so quit the bs. I see u as a fam of 6 lol bunch of [Felines] u all are

Picklearmy Today at 14:42

lol we hit you yesterday?

Sol Invictus Today at 14:42

the other 2 did, so u could sneak in under the radar

Picklearmy Today at 14:30:

Too Airwing:

Sol Invictus Today at 18:44

and…any rebuttal?

Or do u agree that u r a [BLEEEEP] hypocrite for wanting and setting up a HC round…where u can see who the best attacker is…& than go work with a tri-alliance. I long to the good old days too with tri-alliances…but this…I just don’t have any words for it besides swear words
But I understand, you prolly need to talk with 5 other ppl first hehehe

Airwing Today at 18:47

oh no
its an IA round
u can NAP, allie etc who ever u want
if u dont do it, thats on u
Diplo is a big part of this game

Ok, seeing diplo is a big part, who all besides: # 6228, #6216 & #6225 want to work together with me to remove before mentioned families? I promise you all I want pester ya’ll till those 3 or gone. Reply here or to the leader of #6223 ingame.

Hows that for diplo @Airwing? :v::joy:

thats the best thing i’w seen in along time :smiley: bring it buddy :smiley:

but seeing only a small part of the players seems to read the forum, i think you would gain more followers if u contact them directly

you should make your alliance tag [CRY]

CRY for Chriss rules Your’ass?

Oh god… there Sol again.

Also Airwing…look what the diplo page says about diplo:

Foreign Affairs

This is a harsh galaxy with no room for diplomacy, alas.