Ultimate has STARTED!


Hardcore rules - NO Moral!
Tick: 1hour classic
Map Size: 100X100
map: random
Starting res: 50x
Min planet system: 10
round length: 6 weeks
Market delay: None
Offensive action delay: 2 days
Cores: 0
Defense Stations:3
Families: 15
Players per family:2
Draft: 2
Custom starting fleet: 16 e ships

Time will start on **2018-09-11 15:00:00 ( this will be pushed some if the galaxy is not filled yet)

Join here:


if u cant join since u are allready playing 2 galaxies, you can msg a mod to kill you off in manthano.

send msg to these guys:



Might be interested

I want to hit 10m NW with gaining more RCP in Manthano first! Its difficult to let go of my prettiest science page evah! :star_struck:

@Sol_Invictus - but who’s gonna keep the iron price at 50 after you go?

I think you may want to check the market, it changed since my previous post, but no worries, I should have enough funding in science and will leave my fammembers with a care package before I go supernova in Manthano =P

We are currently researching additional technology for 568502401 Gold.

Are you going to play Ultimate? :slight_smile:

I am, yes. Submitted my request to be killed off in Manthano a few minutes ago too.

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Hummm, we could become buttpirates if the other player I just msgd doesn’t wanna play…? :slight_smile:

Kind of makes me feel like second choice… :roll_eyes: But I’m fine with that.

Let me know, I already joined.

more players needed, remember you can get deleted from Manthano if you want to play Ultimate

u could send a personal spam msg to all the little 1 planet guys who just joined in MW and invite them with link. pls work harder.

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Where did the link to the old map go on ultimate? Seeing there is no new one yet…can it be put back on tools page before the round starts?

Sol its hardcore, only new map and no free yama’s ;). Are you able to survive this?

WE are filling up! 9 more players and we are ready to go!

I would like to extend a few recommondations to all families, n00bs and vets :smiley:

1: this is 2 man fam setup, made for attacker/banker team, make sure u got roles sorted before START!

2: AW’s pro tip :stuck_out_tongue: All fam should have a Partaxian (why? partaxian is the one over powered race in IC)

3: The attacker, should be custom, (why? Intel ops and hard ops can be in your race to do the best damage/defence)

4: Remember! Race attack bonus works in defence, you defend as good as you attack = CORE play is nice strategy for this round, DONT EXPLORE FOR ENEMIES!

5: Prepare! On tick 49 attacks start and if your defences are not up by than you might be killed off!

its nearly full. do something AW so we can start, no???


Hide your wife, hide your kids, hide your figs!

Bleh…another 48h for some action? I am only here for the unlimited moral! =P

@Airwing - to make this round really great you’d need a PvC though. Just an observation.

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1 Us (6214) [5,13] 2 2345 198

Solid setup: partax banker with a custom attacker. Contender.

2 It Takes Two To Tango (6223) [81,56] 2 2324 199

Mediocre setup: Best case Quantum banker with a Wardancer attacker. Worst case two SS players. #Pretender.

3 (6215) [57,48] 2 2293 198

Horrible setup: Best case Quantam attacker with a custom banker. Worst (and likely) case 2x SS, this fam might eco lead in first days but that juicy infra will be taken away like candy from a baby. Pretender.

4 Pinky and the Brain (6220) [27,84] 2 2279 197

Solid setup: custom banker with a custom attacker. They seem to have planned their setup and even coordinated a theme. Clearly contenders (world domination?).

5 Royal Man (6218) [35,22] 2 2243 197

Solid setup: Custom banker with a custom attacker, banker race is a bit experimental and a theme seems lacking. Contenders.

6 Family nome (6227) [78,7] 2 2240 196

Solid setup: Camaar can be very deadly, but sadly not in those hands. #exploreforneighbors Pretenders.

7 Mario & Luigi (6225) [47,70] 2 2222 195

Solid setup: Race + theme in order so go Mario bro’s. Only danger I see is that the attacker might follow the idea’s of Karl Marx. Which never leads to prosperity. Keep econ in hands of the partax and these guys are Contenders.

8 (6219) [88,86] 2 2218 196

Bad setup: Quantam and Camaar, no theme, no fam name, no green activity sign. These guys probably won’t even explore for others. Pretenders.

9 Happy days! (6217) [8,62] 2 2209 194

Okay-ish setup: Partax banker with a Wardancer attacker. Should be able to keep their systems clear but will have a hard time expanding and thus winning with their defensive setup. Pretender.

10 2 Man Group (6221) [79,27] 2 2204 195

Solid setup: Partax banker with a Camaar attacker, I like their setup. If they know how to leverage their speed bonus and they can work together they should be able to expand and go for the win. Contender.

11 B & E (6216) [57,97] 2 2199 194

Solid setup: Partax banker with a custom attacker, theme and activity is in order. Contender.

12 May God watch over our planets (6228) [8,89] 2 2177 194

Solid setup: Partax banker with a custom attacker, though putting your faith in the hands of god is usually not a good plan. Better look after your planets yourself. Contender.

13 (6222) [30,48] 2 2168 194
14 (6224) [2,37] 2 2168 194
15 (6226) [56,26] 2 2162 194

For 3 fams above: NO THEME NO ACTIVITY NO GLORY. Useless pretenders.


in Aprox 24h , attacking starts. Everyone be AWARE! :smiley: