Ultimate - COMING SOOON!

BIG MAP! 100x100 (hardcore/no yama)
2 man fam (Fully drafted)
15 teams
HC - No moral- No rules - Do what ever you want! IA? :wink:
Tick 1h classic. or 15 min?
2 days delay on all hostile actions.

The idea is for this galaxy is, The map alows every team to spread without being detected, but also big enough to grow a huge empire in peace, but you should never feel to safe its hardcore rules both on attacks and ops. Imo a 2 man team is the ultimate setup for now as Quezian race is not avalible.

The galaxy will NOT start until its filled up. And i hope to start the Galaxy right after Pickle’s Terra.

Anyone has any ideas for changes updates etc plz share or if you want to play please post that your interested

  • 15 min tick .Hyper
  • 1 H tick . Classic

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Playing terra now, i see that things move so fast, a whole fam can be killed of while your a sleep, so i am voting for 1h ticks for Ultimate so the “ordinary man on street” will be able to play aswell

Some players want to do 3 man team instead of 2. let me know what you want

  • 2 man team
  • 3 man team

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anybody want to draft me?

Ultimate will open today! get ready and get your team ready!