-->> ULTIMATE 2 - SS Quezian <<--

Map: 150x150
random (normal style)
moral: Normal

systems: 820 ish
planets: 6500
8 planets per system

No market
no aid
Hostile action 1 day delay

fams: 15
3 per fam
1 draft

custom start:
ressies: 100x

Pie will set it up ASAP

100 times rezzies wth that takes a lot of stratagy out of it lol

just saw the 100 eships rofl

I suggest a 3 week round


Thats the idea yeah :slightly_smiling_face: removing the 8 a day limit and opening up new strats

removed the 100 e ships per player-- back to normal


IT up for discussion…

Hurrry I just made a new account, need some ice in my life