don’t you just hate it when you’re exploring quietly, then out of nowhere someone 3 times your networth cleans you out of a system, no talking or attempt at a bit of diplomacy.

i know it’s the whole point of the game, it’s just frustrating


Who, When and where?

not going to say who, as like i say it is pretty much the point of the game, but as a returning player after more than 10 years away and re-learning the game essentially, it just sucks a bit.

in infinitum, and this person was definitely english. time for another Jockanese uprising and independence referendum, just because of this attack:grin:

Hehe that’s was me if your sheep guy. I don’t hold shares with any other family and you explored where I was portalled. I will do the same with anybody else and expect others to do the same right back.
No hard feelings :kissing_heart:

Why do you need to relearn the game after 10 years? I mean after 15 years absence I’m the living proof that skill doesn’t fade.

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no hard feelings here either, think it’s more anoying for me as i don’t seem to have the plethora of systems round about my home system that most of the galaxy has.

#itsnevercominhome :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

that helps if you maybe had skills in the first place, times have changed now, and with the joys of mobile technology i’ve been more active now than i ever was previously. I’m just plodding along, but maybe should have went into a galaxy with a fam rather than try on my own. it’s a shame virgo wasn’t available to have a bit of practice on

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Yeah we in Pretty bad spot now. :disappointed: Got to find fresh systems farish away now.

Tiger Woods won a major again. Its coming home some day! :wink: Much like Barnsley going to beat Sunderland to automatics. Come on your reds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I only had two systems close to my home, so not a lot of local explo for me.

not sure what you do on a saturday, but surely you don’t do that in public? :grin:

it’s going to be a close run thing, but as long as we go up i’ll be happy, even better if pompey don’t as i know a couple guys down that way.

After my home team getting f*cked in the scottish cup semis yesterday, i need a bit of sunshine from somewhere

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Someone decided to explore a planet in my home system.

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oh now that would suck