TRI32 Fams 34, 33, 29 Nap Request

31 Hereby requests NAPs from the following Families:
34, 33, & 29.

We are in a 3vs1 war with you since the start of mid round.
I think it time for you all to move on and stop beating a dead horse.
Thank you.

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Lmao the mighty Swagga begging for mercy!

Don’t drag me in this, had no idea the other two were attacking you :sweat_smile:. Sure I’ve left you alone now haven’t I?

I did it for the Nookie :sunglasses:

why is it every time we meet you act SAF- You never know what’s going on do you?

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It’s very convenient if you ask me

There is a little honor in the galaxies:
We have a NAP with Family #11033 with a cancellation window of 24 turns.

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Really? This from you of all people?: Let Small Fams Breathe
Kingray: It’s no surprise that I have been in small fams multiple times, but for some reason the story never changes. I don’t mind a few planets being taken from fams you obviously cannot fight as a small fam due to circumstances.

The question though, is if it really is necessary for you to continue to take those planets even after the small fam has not returned attacks or ops of any kind?

I know people here will say “this is a conflict game” or " you should just attack back"

Let’s be reasonable, if said small fam were to attack back then the larger Fam would say “well you shouldn’t have attacked” and any other rhetoric that can be used to justify essentially taking all the planets of said small fam.

All I am saying is, it would be good to let small fams breathe, especially if they just tryna mind they own business.

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Send a msg earlier next time.
No retakes, no crying means all planets are up for grabs

Well some would have their own limit of what they’d take…

It’s funny that @TheBigOne liked this.

@GODSwagga In addition to knowing what’s going with my fam and what we are doing, I should aslo know what’s going on in other fams and what they are doing? I didn’t know that was my responsibility. Looks like you’ve finally managed to teach me something valuable. :rofl:

Either way, I don’t care about what other fams are doing. It’s not my job to infil the whole galaxy or ask around to see who’s attacking who. All that matters is the fam I’m in and what were doing/ going to do…

And what’s that supposed to mean? All you people on here that like to talk smack about the King loves to say “he’s always in a trash fam” “he’s always at the bottom” and whatever else in that line of thought.

I simply shared my thoughts and my opinion from my experience playing in multiple small fams. I don’t care if you agree or not, someone does. If you find me to be a liar, then bully for you.

You should be the last one talking about honor, in any shape or form. You don’t play with honor and have poor communication. Maybe if learn to speak to people and communicate things would go much better for you, but you’re too busy tryna find someone to point the finger at…childish at it’s best.

Excuses, excuses.

Send nap ill sign it