Tri 37 p vs c

As always my disclaimer. Pretenders vs contenders is for entertainment purposes only and do not go to crazy about the things you hear. Have a great round.

11266:Allyourbasesbelongtous- This fam doesn’t have much chance to win the round. Lack of early activity is not a great sign. A middle of the road fam 4th or 5th best case.
Pretenders for the win.

11267: Chocolate Salty Balls- active and that’s always a good sign. I believe the Rng gods were on their side. Favorites to win this round. Anything short of a top 1 finish would be a dissapointment for these guys.
Contenders to win the round.

11268: GxReborn Rebirth- Gx and I go way back and I heard he played real well last round and that has to say something. Contenders for top 3 and the win if his teammates can keep up his high level play.
Contenders for the win projected 2nd

11269: The Butterfly Effect- Another fam that is playing for the middle of the road. Or to break into the top 3 if the stars do align. Or if we are truly really in the butterfly Effect
Contenders for 4th and an outside shot at 3rd.

11270: To be decided- Not really sure who all is here and judging by their races. There hasn’t been that much team work up to this point
contenders to finish in the bottom 3

11271- much like fam 270 I just don’t see the fam working together yet. not saying things can’t change ,but also conteners for the bottom 3

11272: I like these guys and they could make a push for the 4th spot if things go right ,but they are pretenders to win it all or finish in the top 3

Conclusion I see a 2 fam race to the top between 67 and 68 and 5 fams not being in the bottom.


I expect a day 3 update

A PvC! It’s been years!
I don’t care if I’m hidden or not, I’m running in 72, pm me if you wanna know who’s with me.

More info makes a great PvC piss on hidden play

I really missed reading PvC’s. Long time since I’ve seen one… Great job!!!

Was planning to join but no spots good luck!

im in 11270 and i disagree with this PvC

Prove me wrong.


There seems to be an idiots family :o

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This didn’t age well. Had 3 inactives on the trot. Looking forward to the round ending so IC can go back on the nostalgia shelf permanently :rofl:

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I feel like I could win this round on my own

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Jessica, still PVC queen. You go you rockstar.

Im late to the party there are no free spots in tri, unless someone wants to draft me for one of their eor wars?
Or next round, i have some time free not like in the past but enough to show you all how to really econ and kill. :stuck_out_tongue:

No seriously though, its good to see you all.