Tri-33: Looney Tunes vs Bringers of Dice

:milky_way: :rocket: Greetings fans of hot fleet on fleet action! :rocket: :milky_way:

Before ofensives actions were allowed:

  1. Taz (a Camaar) of the Looney Tunes explored two planets within 3-5 ticks of the Bringer’s home system.
  2. We didn’t like that.

Bringers terms to end war:

  1. No clue who you are, hardly care.

Good luck!

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already getting spicy… “no clue who you are, hardly care” … way to be diplomatic about it, i am thinking Bringers of Dice will likely be towards the bottom in a few weeks… make friends not enemies to survive.

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Why on this good earth, would I start diplomacy with an organized, strong, and entirely anonymous family that explored three ticks from my home systems?

  1. If it is a serious vet, and the plan was to micro him and launch we were already at war. Players have been known to play with malic.
  2. If it was a bad explo by a less experienced player - they should have reached out.

How could we trust anything they would say otherwise?

For all we know it is TnT, PP, Baha, Mal, Lizzy, and my ex-wife playing the Camaar?
I mean it could be all my best friends too :woman_shrugging:.

I have got to be one of the very easiest people to do diplo with.
Just because I can fight, doesn’t mean I actually like to get into them pointlessly.


Found the edit button! :blush:

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Hey darkipoo
Guess what?

I have more badges than you :rofl:


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Top family / same players attacking one of the lowest ranked families.

Nothing new really.

Exact same players who have smashed thousands of people off this game and think they are cool.


Hey Darrky :heart:

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Might be, but they are Anon. Could be anyone.
We were deffy not low ranked when this started.
We were first in size, and for a tick or two before t72 we also had the top NW spot (I think we had it for two ticks - they were on average ahead of us).

Agreed! It has always been a game for trying new things and pushing the boundries.

Can’t say that for sure. They are Anon, we played in an Anon gala. They could be anyone. It is mathmatically likley that there is a player in that fam (or more) that has gotten kicked more often than they have done the kicking.

Hiya KRay. :heart:

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Maybe its just easier for me to say its all a fix / all a con than saying I’m a crap player lol.

Anyway everyone already knows Kingray is the best player!


I still think the price of lasers should be drastically lowered!

To me it seems insane that a stable weapons platform on the ground would cost 5 times more to build than an intergalactic bomber. Like in reality JUST the engine on a bomber would cost more than 10 lasers and that is just the engine, never find everything else a bomber would need like a 100% sealed environment / life support / navigation and all the rest.

You would imagine building a stable weapons platform on the ground would be far cheaper / easier than building a bomber capable of space flight.

Now as it stands, by day 3 a family can build far more bombers than you ever could lasers.

Like as it stands 5,000 bombers will smash any laser trap straight out the game in 1 hit. You simply can’t afford to build enough lasers.

In my eyes if a bomber costs 400 gold then you would expect a laser to cost about 50 gold, where actually lasers cost more than bombers do by a considerable amount.

My feelings here are that a lower laser price would then give newer / returning players a little more defense in the first week of play. After which enemy attackers would have still built more bombers than you can afford lasers, but it might take them a few days longer at least.

Even then lasers aren’t that effective because you can only afford to build them properly on 1 or 2 planets and generally experienced players don’t send their entire fleet anyway.

Like you can spend fortune building lasers and if you are lucky you might kill 10% of their fleet which they can rebuild in a matter of hours.

I feel certain operations are now pointless as well. I mean what is the point taking things like PI when you can just build 5,000 bombers and no one can afford the lasers to stop you.

I also wish defense stations worked differently.

Like all the experienced players know how defense stations work and the moment they see an enemy system where the family owns 70% or more of the planets they just send 1 fighter to check.

You would imagine a defense station would even bother activating for just 1 fighter. Why would they? Why would a defense station give away its position for 1 scout fighter. Like you would imagine that a defense station would only activate if it noticed a very sizeable force approaching with ground troops.

Guess I don’t like the 70% thing with defense stations. That alone automatically lets you know what systems could have a defense station or not. It also sucks balls when there are only 5 planets a system because your family has own at least 4 of them before you can move a defense station there.

Perhaps the better system would you can move defense station into any system, unless an enemy family owns 50% of that system. Like it makes sense that you couldn’t move a defense station into enemy territory as they would blast it down as it flew into the system.

In this case to move a defense station into a system you would need to own at least 1 planet in that system and the enemy couldn’t own more than 50%. Once an enemy family get 2 or 3 planets in a system you would have expected them to build radar and tracking systems anyway so it would be impossible to move a DS there without been spotted.

But again all fairly useless when it only takes 1 scout fighter to find them.

In this case then.

It takes 1 scout fighter to find a defense station.
Lasers are totally priced out of the game.

Not really much defense there for newer or returning players!


Great insight, @Water! I love that you’re thinking of this in terms of semi-realism, and not just the game working some way because that’s just the way it’s always been.

Thanks for the feedback.