Transport time

I think we need to change transport time down to 8. For BOR eships + lower trans time.

I know it goes down with research… I’m talking time without research down to 8 ticks.



What is the reasoning for the change? Make it quicker to get to war/attacks

I actually think longer time at SoR with no attacks… so might have move shares… like 1 week of no attacks, maybe even 2… full eco + shares leads to big jumps and wars

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I agree with you fool but feel the shares thing can still be avoided through tactics, if you don’t want shares don’t explore any and most will avoid exploring them with you as well.

We could also consider having dpa option work during the no attack phase so families can practice diplomatic relationships without needing to wait to be able to attack

Another thing to look into would be attack start times. We need to find a better time frame to suit everyone a little better.
This will be very hard but no one should need to be online at 3-5 am in order to be ready for attack time. We need to figure out away around this.


The reasoning for the change, is to get planets off your own family faster…

Not sure how this turned into a debate about attack length. Little off topic.

This is for transportation build time.


Some families expo but can’t build for a banker at sor.
Some can even expo and build, and you are still waiting for the tran to finish.

Which is why I’m suggesting 8 hours

We went off topic because you didn’t leave enough info!! :ic_laugh:

I think there was a feature request/idea awhile back about being able to switch planets between fam members easier, which is the core here as well…

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I’m not in favor of changes game details in favor of optimizing the family proces, or basically the supply chain.

Apparently the Transport is a very difficult vehicle to build parts for and assemble. This takes time. Inconvenient but true. It’s a feature I actually quite like about it, in a fight, you can have all units, but if you forgot your trannies, you’re fucked. Unlike with droids, you can easily add them.
Good thing you need droids for defense, not trannies :wink:

I’d rather see something different than, maybe the option to once a day, or 3 times per week, whatever, give your minister of manufacturing an order to start a certain infra or military build action at a specific tick.