Tourney Test Round

@Random, could you give us a brief summary of the test round you just did, and what setup we can expect for the upcoming matches?


Ok, so we ran a 2 man Galaxy, 10x starting resources, 6 days, 25x25 map, 3 planets per system, approx 300 planets, current morale, even in the 1 sided battle pmode wasn’t an issue for us, and by the time morale becomes an issue the bout is basically over anyway.
The idea was to be full explored (not factoring in early fighting delaying expo) but the starting resources we’re too low, we didn’t even fleet up til day 3.

With current signups we are hoping for 16 people for an easy player draw with a double knockout structure, allowing losers from the first round a second chance, this would run is 5 to 6 weeks, because of the length of the tournament I am more inclined to try for 3 day rounds, 100x starting resources, 20x20 map and maybe 200 planets.

The final thing we really need to figure out is how to determine the winner of each bout, do we go pcount? What if the round is quite an even battle? We may have to determine a formula that includes pcount, nw, score, planets taken.
I would love to hear others ideas on what would be the best way to determine this.

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Whilst Random tested galaxy formats myself and Pie had a few discussions on tournament formats which was an evolution of a prior conversation with Random over the format to use (predominately revolving around a double elimination style bracket).

The tournaments discussed were the following:

Single Elimination Bracket

Probably the competition style most people will know of from tennis, football and pretty much every other sport. All players are randomly drawn in to pairs to compete against one another with the winner progressing.

Pros: - Quickest format there is with a 16 player tournament requiring only 4 rounds to determine a winner.
Cons:- Only one attempt, once you are out you are out. A player may get lucky and win, the best player won’t always prevail. If you are defeated in round one you have to wait at least 3 more rounds before a new competition might start.

Double Elimination Bracket

Initially the exact same as a single elimination bracket with the one key exception. You can afford to lose once and still win the whole competition. Once you lose in the main bracket you fall in to a losers bracket a point relative to where you lost in the main bracket. Eventually the winner of the main bracket and the winner of the losers bracket play off to determine the overall champion. In this final the main bracket champion having not been defeated yet can afford to lose once at which point both players play a do or die decider.

Pros:- Every player can have a bad day at the office and get a second chance.

Cons:- Most complicated of all the formats to follow and administer. Longest running format, for 16 players requires a minimum 5 rounds to run with that potentially being 6 rounds depending on the outcome of the final. Again those out early will have a similar wait for the next tournament as with the single bracket.

Group Stage with Single Elimination Finals

For 16 players, randomly draw players in to 4 groups of 4. Each player plays against the other three players in their respective groups. The winners (and possibly runner ups) progress to a semi final (possibly quarter final) single elimination knockout bracket which then runs as per the format above until we have a winner.

Pros:- Every player will play a minimum of three matches meaning the most consistent players should rise to the top and no one can complain about someone being lucky to progress. As everyone is involved until the final two (thee if quarter finals) rounds meaning the wait for the next competition is minimized.

Cons:- Takes roughly the same time as a double elimination bracket. Three rounds for group stages and two (or three if running from quarter finals) rounds to facilitate semi finals and final.
Requires a little additional planning to setup compared to a single elimination bracket.

My opinion, if you want quick competitions choose a single elimination bracket tournament. Personally I think a group stage will keep people involved and engaged longer with less waiting about. With groups the best players should win rather than someone lucking out!

Hopefully with this information, you folks are better positioned to decide what format you would like to try.

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This is my favorite reasoning. A player can get lucky once, but if they win repeatedly against a variety of skill types, it’s likely proof of their ability. It seems the most fair.

Thanks both of you for your input. Let’s continue this back on the main thread.