Too Many Buildings Under Construction on New Planet

I have a planet in Infinitum where was I was able to start 309 buildings on the planet, even though it has a max of 308 buildings. If I recall correctly, I started the portal first, viewed the planet and then was able to FB after that, making it FB+1 with zero completed infrastructure on the planet.

On a related note, I’ve never cared for portals taking up a slot during construction but not counting after completion. My OCD goes berserk with having to start 1 additional building to get to a perfect FB number.

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portal not count as building

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If so, that is a welcome change. But I swear it was counting on some other planets. Will have to investigate on new planets going forward.

Thanks @Easyway.

Figured it out. It is AND is not a bug,

Explored a planet. Started a portal. Went back to planet page and saw this.,

"We have built 1 buildings on this planet. The planet can easily support 204 buildings; additional buildings will be very costly.

At the moment we can build 203 more buildings."

However, I tried to build 204 mines and it did work.

So, THE BUG, is in the text notification on the Planet View page, and not in the actual building restrictions. Looks like when portals were changed to not count as a building, that this separate bit of code was not changed.

Hear that @I_like_pie? If too confusing, just message me.


Checked out the construction log and it shows only 203 mines are building, even though I typed in 204 and it did not throw back an error message.

U can type there 9999 also, it will still build as many buildings as possible at that time.
Same with OB %, u can enter there 99999% , but if your planets are only 100% OB, max OB will be still 300%

same otherway work fb and its allowed still to build a portal