Too little too late... a manthano fam 67 story

@Rev @MightyOz @feeble @Cxris @Funeral

Basicly @ all former members of the once proud family 67 in manthano.

What at first looked like a bug happening to your empires, was actually a combination of my crusade against empires above 99 planets and a bug that helped me remove empires (details given to @I_like_pie).

And I am aware it is too little too late…

My apologies for wasting days, weeks or even up to 3 months of infrawhoring you did. Luckily only 3 thousand something ticks out of 850 thousand have passed, if we all live that long, ic still exist in 850 k ticks…

Also an apology to games staff that has extra work listening to the dissapointment , anger, … caused by my doings.

I patiently await what moderation team/staff decides as what to do with my account manthano/IC.

Also I open up this wall below … for yelling , throwing shit , etc basicly anything that might relieve you from any anger, dissapointment,.




Guess that would be the only laughing faces I will see here , thx

It took me 4 whole days to realise my empire had been deleted from Manthano, I’m not bothered me lad :slight_smile:

Your crusade was bs. In my case for example, once they fixed the thing allowing only 99 planets, I had no problem giving my planets to someone that needed them. It’s called destroy your infra and teach them to build up. It introduces them to attacks in a safe manner, and they can still explore as well. But a lot of mine were from people that were leaving anyways. So the crusade against me in particular caused me to lose any respect I had for you because if you had seen fam news, would have seen I was taking from people who hadn’t been on and didn’t intend to be back.

I knew something was up when the other families where not being deleted… I needed to know why. I too would have happily handed over any planets, but the hardest thing to grasp was you only joined a week ago, we helped you build up aided you resources and you do this…

Best thing you could do is fall on your own Seord, commit Harakiri. I don’t know what the mods will do, but the evidence against you is deserving of a game ban for a few weeks…


I have no problems admitting what I did, but I didnt join just a week ago.

I was in the fam longest of all that was still in there. I had been at 99 planets b4, b4 passing them to the fam. And had 200 M plus pop b4 that. Also putted billions of gc and millions of ress in the market.

Not needed any aid to pull this off …

And I am aware this doesnt make it less what I did, but in general I dislike being accused of other things I did not do.

And maybe it makes you less frustrated to know you didnt fund the massacre.

No I didn’t aid you directly, but certainly aided others who aided you.

What is done is done… trust is gone… and many players won’t play until you are out, gone or consequences laid…

Becoming quite obvious that there are players who just want IC to burn

@Acitorer and guess who took em.

I mean when @Acitorer gets demonized on the daily, don’t be surprised it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

The whole lashing out at every one no matter their previous stance

Rebuilding is easy if you ask for assistance.