Toggle all fleets

To withdraw all bombers and transports faster.

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Recalls all of the selected unit types if nothing in the right side ‘Recall’ check box column is selected, or all selected units from specific planets if any check boxes on the right are selected. Poorly labeled and undocumented system, but it works well once you figure it out.

That solution is stupid. Because I am stupid and gona recall all units one day. Make it stupid proof?

In fact. Its so stupid pressing a recall all button to recall not all. That im not even gona try that.

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if those options and recall selected don’t work, also select all of the ones on the right hand side as well as bottom ones and then click recall selected.

Well with 400 fleets out thats a time waster. Just a sugestion to make it easier.

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What Daffy says is true. Recall all = recall all of the selected unit. Click it fool.

I did. And it worked. :smile:

Says the deleted 5 mil MFs in one click🙉

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