Tick bug

Ticks now take 4-6 minutes to change and some stuff building is not finishing with the tick changes.

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2 Exploration Ship 0 turns

Exploration ships are now missing from que and not in military line up, they vanished.

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Just to confirm this…

I built 50 transports at SOR
I then built 100 Droids + 100 Soldiers

All of them were building and then they have all just vanished.

No refund, no troops added, just gone.

This round is broken, maybe needs a reset or something?

Did somebody build 511 agents? As they are in my building queue, cheers you little gem!

Same just happened to my CF.


Another stalled tick just happened and all stuff finishing will vanish if its qued at 0 ticks

17hr since posted and still no updates?


Sounds like round should be reset

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travolta-stargate (1)

This has been fixed, but was bad enough that we’ll be resetting.

This happened because of 2 things:

  1. Bad incoming data

    The new database is more strict with how it handles incoming data, and our tick code had problematic updates in some specific scenarios. When we tested our upgrade on dev, we actually caught and fixed a bunch of similar errors, but we unfortunately didn’t trip this bug specifically.

  2. Not failing gracefully

    The scenarios that would trip the error would cause everything else to fail mid-tick, even though the initial error itself is not critical.

Both of these things have been fixed, although the tick code itself is still at general risk of more of these type of problems because it is so old and brittle.

I am therefore going to shift my focus to cleaning up the rest of the tick code so that we can catch any related issues before they happen.

Dev testers are welcome, as always.