Three-Word Story VII: Complete

I realized that it seems to be de-rigeur to make a new post for complete three-word stories, so here it is:

Earl the donkey carried Sally home while crying out, “Dilly dilly, so silly, silly!” He opened a Bud and sparked up the evening. He thought life was really terrific - and oddly arousing - but then he died.

“Sic semper tyrannis!” shouted Earl’s ghost, as he fell into the pit where he struck his head on a bucket of pie filling. He came back to his body and noticed that the pie filling was Salmon colored, so he died again.

Then, suddenly, TBO possessed Earl’s body, and became incredibly sexy but smelled like the big cheese in the crack of a hideously deformed hippopotamus. After a bath with a pie, Earl/TBO decided to throw the pie In a cage with an extraordinary Incredible Hulk, who was surprisingly tiny. The pie, buried, became rotten and was infested with the zombie virus. Earl ate it, and became a hideously deformed hippopotamus/donkey zombie brain-eater.

Suddenly, man-bear-pig ripped his brain out and threw it at the Vorvon, who ate it.

Then a funny thing happened at the renaissance fair. Superfantabulous Dude’s girlfriend dressed like a space Nazi crossdresser. So he, utterly confused, decided to once and for all end hunger in Africa with just a grain of salt.

And a secret was whispered to the head chancellor of the empire of mole people to plant false underwear on the tiny turtle people. But the tiny, brave little toaster swept the crunchy toasted wheaties cereal into its maw! Then even smaller toasters burned the cheese of the toasted bagels.

This adventure seems a little bit odd, but nevertheless logical. Although it was a very fat bird flying back and forth while singing in the rain, people could not come to an understanding, so they jumped froma bridge screaming “‘froma’ is a little bit off the charts and has some typos!”

So anyway, living with chronic makes life so slow, I’d rather sleep. The end!


:rofl: genius, it was definately worth the effort to make it as a whole. Well done man

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These are good fun. If I had more free time, I’d make these a series of audio stories, with a few effects thrown in.

Here it is !

So where is the next three word story😇

That was hilarious! The voice reminds me of GLADoS from Portal.

I’ll go start a new 3WS.

yes, the website is pretty cool and straightforward, lots of different voices and languages to choose from.

Reminds me of this:

I used to have great fun with it.