Thought on IC Radio?

I’d like to hear thoughts on this. I am super bias by who I know and what I hear… So I wanted to see what everyone was thinking?
What could they change?
What are they doing right?
Do you enjoy the radio show?


Add more chatty person, like darrrrrrrrk, arby, you

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You guys don’t want to hear my voice…or you’d fall in love.

My bviggest suggestion is to do a little pre work. It will help it flow a bit smoother. Also, plan breaks and music intervals if that’s going to be the way you do things. It’s good. It was fun last week and I enjoyed participating.

Oh, and Pie…DO NOT be afraid to tell somebody no when they ask a question. You don’t have to be an ass, but sometimes, with how IC is, there are ideas that just are 100% not going to work.

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Deff planned breaks!

It was really hard to hold in my pee, and I missed all the guests 'cause I was smoking and doing my pee dance.

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Pee breaks! That’s totally reasonable. We wanted to do a music break every 30 mins last time, but the rambling took over haha. Indeed, we gotta force ourselves to stick to a schedule.

Thanks for the feedback everybody.

We do have plans to bring in guest chatters, so stay tuned!

I respectfully disagree. :slight_smile: It’s important to consider any idea, even if it doesn’t initially sound like a good fit. Saying “let’s consider how this could work” instead can provide opportunity for one “bad” idea to spawn related ideas that might make more sense.

It’s not that I’m afraid of saying no, it’s that I’d be lying if I did say no. My consideration of new ideas is just honestly never a hard no.

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I can have my holiday IC? :smile:

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Soo…map is going to be in 3D with 100’s of unique planet pics and colors added for each empire to designate their differences? Then we can also have 3D battles added in as well on the map itself instead of just a separate screen for that function. You can also see fleets in flight across the map because they have their own 3D images as well!

Awesome. Lets get it done. Next week sound good to have this rolled out? Also, I’m sure the mobile guys won’t give a damn about it, since everybody has the latest and greatest smart phones and can handle the processing drain and inflated data requirements for downloading and uploading the information to make it appear in 4k HD quality.

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Discussing an idea’s worth/potential and blindly implementing a suggestion are two very different things. =P

I won’t give a hard no to many things up front, but that doesn’t mean committing to every suggestion either. It’s not so black and white. :slight_smile:

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Bring it back


So there is/was an actual radio show, as in a live audio stream?

Yeah, it was a weekly live interactive show. Dev updates, chat Q&A, random IC-based topics. We did it for 10 weeks before pulling the plug. We planned to release them as podcasts too, but it ended before we got that far.

It was pretty fun, a little awkward at first while we found our voice, but after few episodes we were going an hour easily, plus another hour or two afterward for the private patreon-sub post-show.

We drank a lot too haha, which meant the “normal” first hour was interesting and focused on community and gamedev stuff, but the post-show quickly devolved into chaos and hilarity.

I’d love to do it again actually, but we’d need a co-host or at least regular guests. I tried it solo one episode and did horribly. @Random was a fantastic co-host, and @Darrk was great for war updates, but maintaining the schedule ended up being unsustainable.

I’d be down for another run though, if anybody wanted to give it a shot as co-host or guest.

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@Arby3 for co-host!

If you need it, I could think about running a Liquidsoap server for this. I used to run a Liquidsoap server for my own streaming music station. It was fun.

Random sexy voice???
Yeah, bring back IC-Radio pls

I do miss @Random and his sexy radio voice.

Yeah, I was gone during this beautiful endeavor. Bring it back :smiley:

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Timing was always at like 4 AM CET… Was hard for European folks to be able to listen

it should ONLY play gustav holts - the planets

also didnt actually realise this was a thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty flexible with timing; would depend on co-host if we do it again. This time around I’d also like to release the recordings within a day so peeps who aren’t on can still stay in the loop.