The response from clearing out players

Its easy @Picklearmy !
You mark him rouge or inactive, and clear him.
Then that player comes here and says you are “a bad person / breaking the rules / he isn’t a multi / you should be penalized”

Then @The_LiGhTgUnS, @TheBigOne, @Sol_Invictus and @Hala (and whoever else wants to drag your name through the mud) says you are…

  1. “Bad for the game”. :partying_face:
  2. “A horrible garbage person with dirty sausage fingers”. :face_vomiting:
  3. Both. :rainbow:

:star2:You then you get to see your names up in lights anytime the topic is brought up.:star2:

:teddy_bear: Eazy peezy. :teddy_bear:


LOL Darrk, good one. :rofl:

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What Darrk said ^

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You are A horrible garbage person with dirty sausage fingers and bad for the game.

Like that @Darrk?



Your consistency is endearing sweetums. xxooxx

No Darrk, this is about a no-show player, not one you just happen to dislike and who built some crazy random shit

" *or I just happen"

Deal with them 'em all the same way.

We cannot change this appointment for another 2 hour(s).

Lol turns out you cant even change them to rogue and pie enjoys bugs so it may never be looked into

Every scrubb gets 48 hours to shit up your family.

Member zeh Muppet fam and it’s 700 fake joiners that Light Gunz, TBO and Hala were screaming we were running the game for clearing?

Leaders should have a simple “Extinction” button.

That - or perpetually see super nice guys (and their friends) get pats on the back for asking how to clear a failed empire, and guys like you and I get trashed by the same people for clearing a salty bitch.

Ya can’t win for losing man.
In your case you can clear them t-48.


I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here, because the sentence doesn’t make sense to me, but you’re whole post feels like you’re victimizing yourself and are looking for conflict - and tbh, I don’t know why.


We had all these fake accounts/spies/IA’s dump into our fam during the big playground round.

A bunch of players jumped my/our shit about clearing them.

TBO (in another fam) was talkign about reading our family forum and such. Light Gunz and TBO tore into me for clearing them (changed his fam name to “Eye Everywhere”) and continued to lay into us in the forums.

Hell I think even good guy PA was at it in the start, but once it became obvious that we were clearing shitbag accounts he dropped it.

I was almost positive that you were among them, but unlike other people - I am not going to go drag up the forums to check and quote.
I have a real job, and I play IC hard when I am here.
If you have the kind of time to go look it up, knock yourself out.

If you were not one of the people riding my/our ass, please let me know and I will remove your name from all these posts, and sincerely apologize.

Hell even right now, a random dumbass is crapping up Swagga’s drafting thread with this exact topic.

Go look!

Same stupid shit happened to me last round too.
I merely choose to fight this battle, not ignore it.

Didn’t earn that Procto tag by being some sort of bitch puppy.

I point shit out, and just because other people choose not to admit / can’t remember the shit they do… does not mean I forget.

did u realy earn that tag ? isnt that a patron tag you can choose when ur a patron? :joy:

you should edit your post again, and change it to this::

My ego requires me to point out dumb shit that i cant backup, couse i dont know much about how the game works and i truly want to be a bigshot but been failing hard at that lately since shitwing keeps proving me wrong.


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I - in fact - was the first ever Procto in the game’s history.
It is - in fact - still an earned badge. And a daaaamn hard one to earn as well.
Good for me, our Overlord’s keep good-ish records.

Try donating to the game @Airwing!

At some point, you posting after everything I post will be considered harassment.

than you need to stop mentioning me in every post you make :smiley: but i dont mind couse i find it entertaining :smiley:

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Anytime you wanna stop doing it I will be happy to.
Sooner or later you will get busted for it.

¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

So when i stop proving you wrong? you will stop mentioning me?

what do you mean by busted?