The Rankings Page

In an effort to, the rankings page is our quickest gain. Google analytics backs up your guys’ suspicions, check out the results below as compared to the site average:

I’m guessing some bad queries are the main culprit, and I’ll optimize what I can, but I’m curious about what info you guys care about on this page.

So, ignoring everything you know about IC’s interface, what is the bare minimum information you’re interested in when looking at the rankings page?

Top 3 gc
Top 3 science
Top 3 size
Top 3 iron

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yep top 3-5, and an award : ‘‘Biggest bank in all Milkyway’’ and so on for top1 ;]

I am always looking for smallest fleet to planet amount ratio. Sometimes lowest agent and/or wizzie ratios vs NW are interestning too. If that is not easy to get, also pure smallest fleet and agent/wizzie list is fun to have, but it needs to be big list, so I can manually find those juicy big targets. :slight_smile:

cash income, iron income, science income toplists
Size is great too if it means planet size and not NW size

NW list only tells you when someone has jumped and is much nicer to be hidden because ops/spells can give you NW and infil can give you when someone has jumped

EDIT: drop the viewing of other galaxies unless you are not logged in/not in one of your empires. No point in loading manthano or ultimate leaderboards

Maybe a dumb question, query implies to me the ranks are created each view.

Isn’t there a static rank table that’s get updated each tick? So each view doesn’t need database power but just loads the new page for that tick.

Yep, that’ll be part of the fix.

The initial load though likely still needs to be optimized.

This page should be much, much faster now. An updated version is planned, but for now at least it won’t take so long to load.