The planet exchange is open!

Looking to expand in #infinitum, but frustrated at your options?

Come on down to Pie’s Planet Emporium!

Family @7039 is exchanging planets for NAPs, but without the pesky war that usually comes first.

Just send me a message here and tell me where you want to go. You can see my map position, primarily on the north east, here.

Don’t like what you see? No problem! I’ll explore for you too. Priority goes to smaller empires, but all shapes and sizes are welcome pending availability.

Get in touch and let’s see about getting you some territory.

Enjoy the spread!


Very Kind, Can I have some please? :innocent:

Well hot dog, :hotdog: a customer already!

If it isn’t my favorite member of @6992. I see you and the [M00] are doing well.

I’ve sent ya an in-game message with the details. :slight_smile:

Awwww. What a lovely gesture. As a founding member of the peaceful (until provoked by Nasty Luker) PIP, our entire alliance would love to settle around you and protect your lovely planets.

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Give me some! Or else haha i want planets north of u …or else muahhaha

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haha, gonna take me 116 ticks to get near you, a bit long considering it’s £170k to send on explo ship

Giving planets away again. Only rule is, you must have fewer planets than I do.

Hit me up!

I neeeed planets lol