The new world order : Anti-plastics

We can do better! Find alternatives for plastic shopping/grocery bags and plastic drinking straws as well as fast food lids.

For the Earth

Yours Truely

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Okay :metal:

can’t we just put all the plastic on the edge of the earth so it falls off?

What if the Earth created humans to make plastic, and now that the Earth got enough plastic it`s trying to get rid of us by deploying global warming??

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So if we go off of that theory, if we reduce plastic Earth will not need to get rid of us through global warming, need I say more?

We have already tried that @Jets

that is throwing the plastics in the ocean not off the edge of the planet

are you involved in the XR?

what is the XR?

Oh, really?

XR canada?

Those guys protesting around the world atm.