The map

Possible to have a more interactive map? Disclaimer i love the changes from the old map. But curious, let’s say we want to draw up an agreement with another fam. I’d like to be able to select said systems and have it compile me a list on the side, doable?

Otherwise my only other ask, since we can click "other families " as an option, why not a fam number field that would produce the same result just with what is selected?


You can already, left side of map gives you viewing options but if you would like to select and search by just the family then click the flag in the top right corner of the screen. You can then select to search by just a family number but you can also combine them with the other features!

Only thing we cannot do is make our own lists like we could old map like you suggested.


This. I did not know. Thank you

Small change but it would be nice to carry over previous selections on map. So if you were looking at unexplored planets then next time you open the map, it would still be highlighting unexplored planets.


Bringing this over from HydroP’s thread (since it was more ideas on making the map better, which fits in here)

Have a way to make diplo easier with the map:

  1. Share intel/planets/lists with selected players/fams if wanted (or have a way to fake that intel)
  2. A way to set specified empires as friends/allies
  3. Share your spread/portals on the map with Friends/allies
  4. Send co-ords for cores/no-zones/borders to a selected family/empire (friend or foe)
  5. A way to co-ordinate attacks better, see where friends/allies are being attacked
  6. A way to flag the map for friends/allies to see where you need help or want them to explore or need their attention
  7. A way to make notes on the map for friends/allies to see