The Know it all thread

Pie closed our thread, but i found it entertaining and had way to much fun discussing with you @Odenheim so i would like you to keep going here instead :smiley: I bet you are to much of a know it all to not take part.


"Personal name drops now. Its hilarious. Didnt u just insult me about it ![:joy:]your balls must be humungous now! I doubt it though since u seem very very insecure.

Its ok mate. I know it sucks the admin and some others disagree with.

Can you please keep repeating things. Cheers."

1st :No i didnt name drop at all, all i tried to was if u know kag and gene, have em come back, that would be super fun. what i do not understand is why u take all i write as an insult. they are not.

2st: it seems kinda weak to pull som wage conclusion about unsecurity based on some forum posts , but with the name droping ur coming off as a show off and a guy trying to puff his chest by point to completly baseless opnions once again. I dont want to draw any conclusion but the whole unsecure part is pointing more in your direct than mine dont you think?

3rd. I am more than used to admin, dev, mod players all not agreeing with me, and i think thats partialy why this game is moving forward couse we are commited to help brainsstorm and push the thought what IC can be forward, never the less if its a bad og good idea.

I think the fact you made this thread shows he achieved his goal. Seeing as it was meant to troll and push your buttons he would appear to have gone above and beyond since he got his own personal thread :joy:

correct me if i am mistaken but are you again showing off your complete lack of insight @HydroP and proving yet again to ba a know it all? I am afraid you are slightly …what happend cant a man be alowed to enjoy a good slanter and discusson? :smiley:

Are you guys American? couse this is a well known personal feature for some americans and that patriotic way of thinking, " i am on the top of the world idea"

Lol. Seems I did too!

if that proves your point, you need to work on your point pushing skills, couse you proved squat :smiley:

i seems we have ourself a: