The Imperial Conflict Store is open!

Earlier this month we announced that We’re selling out! and after testing a few designs and receiving some sample orders, I’m happy to say that The Imperial Conflict Store is officially online!

You can find it at and right now we are starting with a set of 3 regular mugs to choose from (and one special edition mug), but we will be releasing more products as time goes on. We’ll have everything from T-shirts and hats to posters and even pillows!

You’ll also notice a handy new link in the forum and game navs for easy access, so please don’t hesitate to check it out and help support Imperial Conflict’s growth.

Products will be announced in the #general:gear forum, where you can also ask questions, review products and/or designs, and even make requests and/or discuss ideas for new merch.



Nice! I like the Who’s Bank? mug, so after my SO and I have moved I’ll try to remember to go and buy one.


does the girl come with the mug?

I imagine so, but there’s probably a huge markup for that.

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