The imperial Conflict Galactic awards?

Hello my fellow IC players…

I have started talking about this with Pie and am still laying out the ground work, but I plan on doing an awards here in forums…it will not be an EOR awards thing like before, rather it’s a general awards. There will be categories and there will be voting in said categories…that being said I just wanted to see the interest in something like this. If you guys are, I will post more details of how it works, how voting works, and how the ICGA Committee works.


Name is pending…

I guess I don’t get what you’re referring to at all if it’s not just rebranded Eor awards, so yeah more details?

Awards are fun, but dont overdo it, filling in a list of 20 rewards gets boring pretty fast. If you want people to manually vote i would do max 5

Awards are cringe, idiots win awards because they get voted for by other idiots, idiots out ratio normal people by 9:1

There should be ingame achievements like all other games of the modern day. Like if you hit 50 captures you unlock an achievement so on so forth bla bla.

Just need Pie to quit his youtube pipe dream and start making these subtle but useful changes.


It won’t be at the end of every round but rather once or twice a year…depending on how it goes

I don’t plan on having an award for everything…but a general awards with a small number of categories TBD

That can also happen…but let’s see how this goes and we can get there as well.

Give it a shot Kingray

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Can we all just vote for our mates rather than someone who deserves it ? :wink:

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I think we should try and make it good, so vote for who you think should have the award

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